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Shy or TMI? When it comes to spilling stuff about yourself, are you an oversharer--or overly quiet?

You didn't make it to Allie's party last night, and your crew wants to know why. Truth is, you ate way too much of your dad's five-alarm chili and somehow grew a ginormous zit on your chin within hours-but do they really need to know that? Whether you tend to tell all or stay silent, there's a fine line between revealing just the right amount of info and offering totally too much. So, do your sharing skills need sharpening? Take this quiz to find out how dishy you are with the deets ...

1. When your bestie Brianna asks where you got the adorable sweater you're sporting today, you tell her ...

A. The name of the shop where you found it, how much it cost and the scoop on the hot salesguy who helped pick it out.

B. You found it online. Then return the love by complimenting her too-cute faux leather bomber jacket.

C. Nothing. You scored it at a great thrift shop, but if you blab about your buy everyone will start shopping there and you'll be out of sweet scores. A girl's gotta keep her style secrets ...

2. Your next-door-neighbor Hannah has lice thanks to her little bro and doesn't want anyone else to know. She asks if you could pick up her homework, so you ...

A. Raise your hand during class and tell your teacher the whole sitch. And when her crush asks how you get rid of lice, joke that it's a "real head-scratcher." Ha!

B. Talk to her teachers after school and tell them what's up with her. When your pals press you for details on the walk home, you say she's sick, but that's all you know.

C. Copy down the assignments and ask for extras of any worksheets she's missing. If anyone asks you about Hannah's absence, you just shrug your shoulders.

3. Friday night equals ice cream with the girls. But ... uh-oh ... the doc just told you to steer clear of dairy or risk the runs. What do you do?

A. Call your crew and suggest a switch to half-priced appetizers. Then read them a list of all the complications of your condition-they need to know what's going on!

B. Join them, but choose a cookie over your usual mint shake. You'll tell your besties about your problems later and ask if they want to shift to sushi nights instead.

C. Go out for ice cream. Biting a few bits of it is better than telling the whole group about your icky sitch.

4. At Thanksgiving, Aunt Jen asks you how school's going. What's your standard family member debrief?

A. Give her the total scoop: You've got a 92 in Spanish, you're trying out for captain of the basketball team and you're contemplating a campaign for student council.

B. Let her know you're scoring mostly A's in math, then ask how her weekly tennis games are going.

C. Tell her that everything's great and hope she moves on. Your life honestly isn't interesting enough to merit a 15-minute monologue.

5. Family friend Chloe has her license and offers to drive you to school. What kind of topics do you talk about while you wait it out in rush hour, sitting bumper-to-bumper?

A. Everything-from the cute habits of your poodle, Mr. Fluffers, to a rundown of your biggest life goals, to the new cupcake recipe you're planning to make this weekend.

B. Movies, the great new Nepalese restaurant your family tried this weekend, maybe the election. You try to keep things light and centered on anything you may have in common.

C. Whatever. You let Chloe steer the car-and the convo.

6. Sweet! You just started dating a total cutie. When the subject of your former boyfriend comes up, what do you tell him?

A. Spill your heart out about how you thought he was the love of your life, then list all the reasons he was way wrong for you. It's good to be honest, right?

B. Explain that you and your ex dated for two months before heading in different directions. Then change the subject to something happier, like the awesome concert set for Friday.

C. You get super nervous, turn bright red and change the subject-you hate discussing your past, especially failed relationships.

7. What kind of personal stuff do you have posted on social media?

A. Hmmm ... what's not up there? You've got slideshows, a list of your celeb crushes, tributes to your BFFs ... and about a billion pics.

B. Well-curated images that all have a crisp, minimalistic feel. Your Insta feed is basically an art project.

C. Your name and a couple pics. You don't see why you'd need to post anything else.

8. A pal keeps trying to pry personal info from you about your brother (she's clearly crushing on him). When she asks what he's up to this weekend, you ...

A. Fill her in on all of his plans, from the football game this Friday to his dermatologist appointment Monday morning. And, oh yeah, he'll probably be playing soccer in the park on Sunday afternoon.

B. Say he'll be around and suggest she stop by so she can get a chance to chat him up while he's home.

C. Tell her you don't really keep track of your brother's business. It's true-you guys lead your own lives.



Talk much? You're a chatty chica who keeps your ladies LOLing with tons of funny stories. It's great that you have the gift of gab, but be sure you're not taking it too far. (Example: You probably don't have to tell perfect strangers about the time you had a stomach bug or about everything you ate for breakfast this morning.) So when you sense you're starting to overshare, try taking a step back and letting other people talk. Ask them some questions and listen closely--you'll probably learn a lot! And remember that some silence is good, so don't go crazy trying to fill in quiet moments with meaningless chatter.



You know when to share-and when to keep stuff to yourself. A great listener, your besties love you for your advice and know you're always approachable and will keep everyone in the loop. You have a knack for getting to know new people, especially since you give them plenty of attention and ask lots of questions. Just be sure you're not spending too much time seeking info about others-it's OK to make things all about yourself once in a while. You're a cool girl with plenty of pertinent stuff to say, so go ahead and share.



Why so shy? You tend to be tight-lipped and keep all of your secrets safely stashed away. While nothing's wrong with being a tad timid, your silence and shrugs may be misinterpreted as standoffish or snobby. So next time you start clamming up in a convo, try to chime in with a few fab facts about yourself-like how you can't live without the caf's cronuts or how you love to come up with creative Halloween costumes. Nothing's wrong with revealing random bits about yourself-that's how you'll let the true you shine through.
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