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Shukria Pakistan.


I am thankful to the land I belong to - the land of the free, the home of the brave, the land is yours and mine.

Shukria Pakistan for granting me a place called home and having a strong national defence, guarding the borders that keep me safe from the dangers of the border or be it the natural disasters or frequent wars.

Shukria Pakistan for showing the world resilience, determination and passion. Shukria to have managed to prosper and climb the ladder of success even in the most uneven times and in the difficult economic conditions still you never hardened your soul and remained a donor and appeared to be the most charitable country in the world and the house of the world's largest charitable organizations.

Shukria to have never let our pride down in any attack of our enemy. Though you suffered far more at the hands of the terrorists than perhaps any other country in the recent history but you still were declared the paradise on the earth, your high sky mountains, lush green valleys, mighty rivers and amazing wild life remained unmatched.

Shukria Pakistan to have given me life, liberty, freedom of speech, freedom of expression.

I am grateful to have the right to assemble even more grateful for having free press and free speech and fair elections, grateful to have abundance of food and most thankful for managing the covid situation better than other countries.

Shukria Pakistan for being the land of rich treasure of fine arts the land of peace, justice and love and fairest of all lands. Shukria for giving me an identity as a citizen of an independent Islamic State.

Shukria to all of those who, regardless of ideology, ethnicity and religion, are still united by the desire to see Pakistan as a strong and powerful nation.

May God never let the honour of my country be compromised and time may never affect its bounteous beauty. May in dear Pakistan none remains impoverished and none is left behind.

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Publication:Pakistan Observer (Islamabad, Pakistan)
Geographic Code:9PAKI
Date:Aug 14, 2021
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