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Shrimp palusami.

In Samoa, taro leaves are used instead of spinach and parchment.

1 pound spinach, washed and stems removed

1 medium-size onion, chopped

2 cups cooked long-grain rice mixed with 3/4 teaspoon salt

1 pound medium-size shrimp, peeled and deveined

1-1/3 cups canned or frozen coconut milk (or whipping cream with 3/4 teaspoon coconut extract and 1 teaspoon sugar)

1 firm-ripe banana, thinly sliced

4 lime wedges

Tear or cut 4 pieces parchment or boil, each about 15 inches square. Mound in center of each piece an equal amount of spinach. Dividing equally, scatter onion and rice over spinach; top with shrimp. Spoon 1/3 cup coconut milk over each mound.

Bring long sides of parchment together; fold down to food. Fold ends twice and tuck under packer. Place packets on a 10- by 15-inch rimmed pan.

Bake at 350 [deg.] until onion is tender to bite (unwrap slightly to test), about 30 minutes. Place 1 packet on each dinner plate. Fold back parchment and add banana; squeeze lime wedges onto front. Makes 4 servings.
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Author:Maneafaige, Musu F.
Date:Feb 1, 1984
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