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Shred Smart.

Owners: Randy Pierce and Matthew Adams

Address: P.O. Box 17714, Little Rock 72212

Phone: (501) 224-7473

Hours: By appointment

Startup: May 2005

Web site:

Former college buddies Randy Pierce and Matthew Adams say their new company, Shred Smart, can destroy documents faster and safer than its competitors and in markets the other guys won't touch.

Pierce, whose background is in telecommunications, and Adams, who has experience in record storage, started their on-site document destruction company in May and are already serving clients across the state.

The whole alphabet soup of information legislation, from the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996 to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and others still to come, has forced many businesses to enlist document destruction companies to make sure sensitive documents are seen by authorized eyes only.

And despite the presence of existing companies that already have footholds in the market, Shred Smart claims it can do the work faster and safer.

One difference between Shred Smart and some of its competitors, Pierce said, is that the documents are destroyed on site, eliminating any possibility that the information could be sorted through before being torn to bits.

Shred Smart uses a special shredding truck to destroy the documents at the client's location. All the customer has to do is put the paper in secure bins that Shred Smart provides.

"Once it goes into the bin, it's never touched by Shred Smart again," Pierce said.

The truck, a $180,000 behemoth that looks like a garbage truck, is the only one of its kind in a five-state region. It can shred about five times faster than competitors' vehicles, Pierce said.

The speedier shredding will allow Shred Smart to provide document destruction for residential customers as well as large commercial and government. It's a market Pierce and Adams say has largely been left alone by other document destruction outfits.

"We can shred local and residential as easy as commercial," Pierce said.

He and Adams are still figuring out the details for residential shredding, which could operate something like a scheduled garbage truck service where customers could bring out sensitive papers like tax documents and credit card statements.
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Date:Aug 29, 2005
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