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Shower outdoors with privacy.


Q I live near the ocean and have an outside shower. The problem is that the shower is completely open, so I have to wash off, then go into the house to change. Do you know of anything that encloses the shower so I can rinse off and change in privacy?

Suzanne Mahoney, Cape May, NJ

A Outdoor shower enclosures are available in a wide range of prices--from $12 to more than $1,000. The enclosures offer privacy so you can shower in the buff and change outside, without upsetting (or exciting!) the neighbors. They're also good for showering outdoors at lake cabins. You can find them at, or enter "outdoor shower enclosure" in any Internet search engine.

The enclosures do not include any plumbing--they're simply privacy structures and you're on your own to figure out how to install valves, showerheads and running water.

The lower-price enclosures are portable and often hang from something overhead, like a shower arm. They're lightweight, some less than 4 lbs., and the entrance snaps dosed. Higher-priced vinyl enclosures are also available. One company that makes them is Cambridge Molding. Its Lily Pod enclosures are made with an aluminum frame and post system, modular vinyl panels and hidden stainless steel hardware. The door has an aluminum latch and a dead bolt. For buying information, call (866) 440-9357 or visit

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