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Shower floor for dummies.

Let's put the dead rat on the table. Tiled bathrooms look best with a tiled shower, not some plastic one. But a tile shower floor requires some very tricky work: two layers of mortar, both sloped, sandwiching a PVC liner. Plus, you have to fashion a mortar curb that also contains the liner. It's not easy to do. And if it leaks, as such floors often do, you're ripping out a very expensive installation.


Go check out the "goof proof" shower floors at Mark E. Industries (866-771-9470) offers a well-designed kit that will help a first-timer install a perfect tile shower floor base. The kit consists of a series of tapered plastic screed strips that you fasten to the floor. You screed the mortar between the strips to create a perfectly pitched floor. Another part of the kit is a plastic curb that you pack full of mortar. Don't get it? I don't blame you. Go to to see videos, and it'll make perfect sense. If you like it, click on "Dealers" to find a supplier and to figure out how much your kit will run--most likely, it'll be less than $100.



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Date:Mar 1, 2011
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