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Showcase shelves added to windows.

Two existing kitchen windows provide the framework for these showcase shelves; the idea could be adapted to windows of any size. San Diego architect Fred Blechsmith nailed redwood 1 by 12's (ripped down to a 10-1/2-inch width) to the inside of the window frames. Where the sides extend beyond the 2-1/2-inch-deep frames, they slant at a 45 [deg.] angle: downward at the top, upward at the bottom. To brace the sides, Blechsmith evenly spaced four 1 by 2's on both angled faces. Countersunk finishing nails hold the 1 by 2's in place.

Adjustable steel shelving tracks were routed into the sides. They support 3/8-inch-thick glass shelves fitted into the 29-1/2-inch-wide openings.
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Date:Feb 1, 1984
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