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Q In an episode of Two and a Half Men, there was a wee blonde girl Ashton Kutcher was holding. Was she really Jon Cryer's daughter? Alice Connelly, Glasgow AI am not sure who the teeny actress you refer to is, but it's unlikely to be leading man Cryer's daughter. Cryer, who plays Alan Harper in the hit show, and wife Lisa Joyner have one daughter, Daisy, who is seven and was adopted. She has black hair and I can find no record of her being in the show. Cryer also has a son, Charlie, with his first wife, actress Sarah Trigger.

QWhat after the QI ADundee-breakthrough and hit the co-title role alongside Warren Clarke. Since it ended, shows Diverted as well as an lots of stage watch American episodes of Law & Order. I have noticed an actor called Michael O'Keefe, who has a striking resemblance to an old actor of the late 40s/50s called Dennis O'Keefe. Are they related? John Maguire, Glasgow A Dennis O'Keefe was born Edward Flanagan in Iowa, and was given the even more Irish sounding stage name by studio bosses at MGM. He starred in many crime thrillers from 1930 to 1964, including Lady Scarface and The Fighting Seabees, before dying of lung cancer in 1968, aged 60. His namesake Michael was born an O'Keefe, and is no relation. Michael is best known as golfing protagonist Danny Noonan in comedy classic Caddyshack, as well as playing Roseanne's brother Fred. He recently appeared in Homeland, Blue Bloods and Sleepy Hollow, as well as Law & Order Special Victims Unit.

Q Did Midge Ure have a summer hit in the early 1990s? The recent sunny weather brought it to mind, but I can't remember the name.

Betty Doc, Glasgow A After scoring a bucket-load of hits with Ultravox, Scots singer Midge had solo success. I think the song you are recalling was Cold, Cold Heart, which achieved significant commercial radio airplay in the summer of 1991, driving it to number 17 in the UK charts. It came from his album Pure.

Q Margot Kidder, who played Lois Lane in the Superman movies, is appearing at a comic convention in Glasgow this weekend. We are squabbling over whether she was married to Superman III co-star Richard Pryor.

Woo & The Feather, Aviemore A Kidder and the late Pryor did date but never married. Margot, now an environmental campaigner and political writer, has been married to author Thomas McGuane, actor John Heard and film director Philippe de Broca. She is an advocate of treating mental ill-health through orthomolecular medicine.

Q What happened to Colin Buchanan after the Dalziel & Pascoe series? Anna, Cumbernauld A Dundee-born Colin made his big acting breakthrough in an Inspector Frost story and hit the big time two years later with the co-title role of clean cut detective Peter Pascoe, alongside Andy Dalziel, played by the late Warren Clarke. The series ran for 11 years. Since it ended, he has been in Canadian TV shows Diverted and The Murdoch Mysteries, as well as an episode of Casualty and doing lots of stage work.

Slam Sam The answer to last week's Slam Sam challenge could not be verified, so there is no PS20 winner this week.

You're a winner when I your verified answer, Jelena To challenge me for the PS20 Slam Sam prize on offer every week (you must provide printed proof of your answer and only the challenger is eligible for the prize), write to Showbiz Sam, Daily Record, One Central Quay, Glasgow, G3 8DA or email b.mciver Jelena Tarbet. from Kelvindale, is this week's challenger. She asks: "Which sultry American singing star was spotted getting her messages at the Shawlands Co-Op in Glasgow a few years ago?"
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