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Q I say the actor Stratford Johns was a Londoner but my wife begs to differ. Can you confirm who's right?

Mike Pearson, Ayr

A He was born Alan Stratford Johns on February 22, 1925, in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. After serving in the South African navy, he moved to England in 1948. After a brief accountancy career, he became an actor and made more than 30 films and 200 TV appearances. Johns died on January 29, 2002, at his home in Suffolk.

Q Can you tell me where the song Let The Rest Of The World Go By comes from and who sang it?

M. Gray, Glasgow

A Written in 1919 by J. Keirn Brennan and Ernest R. Ball, It's been recorded by Gene Autry and Willie Nelson among others.

Q What was the name of the kids' TV series about a boy who could travel back in time on a magic carpet?

Moira Grieve, Paisley

A The 13-part series Jamie ran in 1971 on ITV in the Sunday teatime slot and starred Garry Miller in the title role.

Q My brother will hit 40 on July 18. Can you tell me what the No.1 record was when he was born and if he shares the date with anyone famous?

Linda McIntyre, Greenock

A It was the first day of a fourweek run for T Rex with Get It On. Sharing the date are Nick Faldo (1957), Vin Diesel (1967) and Martha Reeves (1941)).

Q Did Frankie Howerd really wear a wig?

Gordon Fraser, Dundee

A Never seen in public without one, Frankie was extremely sensitive about the subject. He once had a second assistant at Pinewood Studios fired when the chap walked into his dressing room and spotted him minus the wig. He suffered from alopecia from his early 20s and it left him with a saucer-sized bald spot.

Q Please settle a bookie shop argument - was there a song called A White Waistcoat And A Pink Carnation?

Tam Burns, Bathgate

A Close! A White Sport Coat (And A Pink Carnation) was written by Marty Robbins in 1957, although he didn't chart with it. Terry Dene covered it the same year (reaching No.18) as did the King Brothers who took it to No.6.

Q What was the sitcom about a hopeless American policeman who was partnered with a human-looking robot without realising it?

Janet Wright, St Andrews

A There were 13 episodes of Holmes And Yoyo on BBC1 from 1976-7. Dopy Detective Alexander Holmes (Richard B. Schull) was assigned Gregory 'Yoyo' Yoyonovich (John Schuck) to keep him out of trouble.

Q Was Timothy Hutton's father also an actor?

Stephen Campbell, Motherwell

A Jim Hutton (Dana James Hutton, 1934-79) made his film debut in A Time To Love And A Time To Die in 1958 and was a wonderful Ellery Queen in the 1974 TV series. He died in Los Angeles from liver cancer aged just 45.

Q I've a bet on this. Who were the stars of the movie Berkeley Square? Sheila Simpson, North Berwick

A The 1933 fantasy film starred Leslie Howard, Heather Angel and Valerie Taylor.

Q Did one of my favourite actors - Robert Ryan - ever win an Oscar? Jim Cowan, Irvine

A Afraid not. Ryan (1909-73) starred in over 80 movies from his debut in Golden Gloves (1940) until his last film The Outfit (1974). He was nominated once - for his supporting role as sadistic bigot Montgomery in Crossfire (1947) but lost to Edmund Gwenn.
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