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Showbiz People: Amy Nuttall My Favourite Things; Stunning 20-year-old redhead Amy Nuttall plays Emmerdale's fiesty barmaid, Chloe. On the TV screen, her sweetheart is hunky Scott Windsor, the resident mechanic. And in real life the blossoming actress shares a home with the very actor who plays him, Ben Freeman, 22. Here she tells STEVEN SMITH all about the loves of her life...

Byline: Steven Smith

Chocolate spread

For breakfast, I love chocolate and peanut spread on toast. I have a real sweet tooth, and could eat the spread straight from the jar. I adore Maltesers, Cadbury's Fruit and Nut, Boost and Crunchie bars. If you want to get my attention, just buy me chocolate and see the grin on my face!

This Easter, Ben bought me the biggest egg from Thornton's. I was one happy girl for the whole day. I think I get my sweet tooth from my dad, Andrew. I bought him some nice cuff links for Father's Day this year. He was pleased, but I have a sneaky suspicion he was hoping for chocolate.

Top of the shops

I love to shop and I'm a big fan of shops in Leeds - it has as much to offer as London and they have some of the best designers around. On the occasions I do go down to London, I love to visit the hairdressers Daniel Galvin.

My first purchase with my own money was a pair of trainers. I was so proud of them. Ben bought me two of my most treasured possessions, a little

black dress - and a gorgeous corset from America.

His stepmother is an air steward and he asked her to bring it back for him. I love to buy Ben clothes. I never come back from a shopping trip without a little something for him. He looks especially nice in fitted pullovers and a pair of funky jeans.

My boyfriend Ben

On my first day on Emmerdale, I was feeling so nervous, but Ben took me under his wing. He seemed a nice, genuine guy and I thought nothing more of it. Ben knew I didn't know many people in Leeds so he showed me around. Then he asked me to go to the movies with him. We went to see a scary one, What Lies Beneath, starring Harrison Ford. As I was getting ready that evening, I realised that I was more than just a little fond of him - and a thriller is a great way to get close! Ben is lovely. For my birthday this year, I was woken up early and told to pack my bags with some evening clothes and daywear. Ben had booked a surprise trip to Prague. He'd even reserved a restaurant by the river and had opera tickets to see Don Giovanni. What a magical weekend we had. We've also been to Egypt to dive in the Red Sea. We learned to dive and took our preliminary diving exam, which allowed us to dive under supervision. The Red Sea is like diving into a fish tank. It was the most fantastic, romantic experience I've had.

All things Italian

I love everything Italian - the food, the people, architecture and the language. I've been on holidays to Tuscany and the Italian lakes and at the age of 12, I went with my school to sing in Venice. The beauty of it all overwhelmed me. In particular, St Mark's Square left me speechless. My schoolfriends couldn't wait to explore - nor could I. Unfortunately, I had open-toed sandals on and it was a very hot day. By the evening, my feet had not only burned, but had swollen to twice their natural size. My friends literally had to carry me around Venice from then on. I was still able to sing, though. So it didn't ruin my trip TOO much.

Disney dreams

Thank God for putting Walt Disney on the planet. His work has inspired millions of people to transport themselves into a fantasy world, capturing their imagination and dreams. The world can be a very depressing place, but if I pop in a Disney video, in no time at all I feel happier. I went to see Beauty And The Beast in London. I'd love to have played the lead role. I'm crazy about the Lion King, too, and bought the video of the film. My dream is for Ben and I to visit Disneyland in Florida as I'm sure it's the very place to go with someone you love.

Kylie? I should be so lucky

I've always wanted to sing and eventually my parents sent me to singing classes in Bolton. I loved going and they realised I was more than just keen on performing. So I went to the Arts Educational Centre in Tring, Herts. During school breaks, I was involved with the National Youth Musical Theatre, and toured in the Wizard Of Oz and Whistle Down The Wind. My first audition on leaving school at 16 was for the part of Christine in Phantom Of The Opera. We toured Britain for two years and it was a great experience. Going from stage to TV requires quite different techniques - you have to tone down your voice and movement for TV. I've been in Emmerdale for 20 months now, but I'm still learning. When I was little, I wanted to be Julie Andrews. I'd play Mary Poppins on video over and over again. I also love the Sound Of Music and I'm a fan of singers like Eva Cassidy and Joni Mitchell, as well as Kylie and dance music. I trained in ballet, tap, jazz and flamenco, but there's nothing better than a good bop at a nightclub.



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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Aug 11, 2002
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