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After a few years courting, LIAM GALLAGHER has finally decided to Roll With It and put a wedding band on NICOLE APPLETON's finger.

It's reported the couple plan to marry in Scotland later this year and plans for the big rock `n' roll day are already under way.

An insider said: "Fire eaters have been booked and there will be a bouncy castle for the kids."

Sounds more like a children's tea party!

HAVING been acquitted of all the charges levelled against him, MICHAEL JACKSON is now looking forward to getting his stuff back.

The stuff that was taken by police and prosecutors that is, in their failed attempt to convict him for child molestation.

A judge ruled that computers, naughty magazines and various other items should be returned to the singer.

Meanwhile, Jacko is in trouble again, after failing to turn up for a court hearing in a civil suit, filed by another man who says Jackson abused him in 1984.

Once again, Michael's defence team says it is all false, but it looks like he will never truly get away from the stain on his character. Not while he still has some money in the bank anyway.

BAD boy RUSSELL CROWE might have gone on TV to apologise to Nestor Estrada for throwing a phone into his face but the hotel clerk is still waiting for a personal apology, his lawyer said.

Crowe said he tried to call Estrada to apologise for the incident at New York's Mercer Hotel. But Estrada's lawyer Eric Franz said: "The last time Mr Crowe attempted to contact (him) by telephone, Mr Estrada ended up on the ground bleeding."

KATE MOSS and PETE DOHERTY may have recently topped Tatler's Most Invited list but it looks like the celebrity couple might be going solo to parties in the future.

The supermodel is rumoured to have dumped the rebellious rock singer after he got into a brawl.
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jul 26, 2005
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