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MICHAEL BUBLE has joked that JUSTIN BIEBER's success at the American Music Awards has heralded a new era for Canadian pop music.

The crooner said he and Justin - who he mimics in his latest video - were just two Canadian acts who were ready to take over the US market.

Speaking backstage at the LA ceremony, he quipped: ''While you Americans are sitting there and getting fat, us Canadians are ready to take over. You know it!

''We're plotting. We've got Bieber, CELINE (DION), me, ALANIS (MORISSETTE). NICK-ELBACK is very strong. TRAGICALLY HIP and JIM CARREY - all coming for you."

KELLY OSBOURNE has confessed she considered getting gastric band surgery like her mother CAPTION Hathaway SHARON OSBOURNE to help her lose weight. The 26-year-old reality TV star has lost three stone after quitting junk food and taking up a strict exercise and healthy eating regime, and has proudly posed for her first-ever bikini shoot on the cover of US magazine Shape.

She said: ''I was always looking for a quick fix or a pill I could take. I even thought about getting a [gastric] band on my stomach. My mother had that surgery and I watched her lose a lot of weight. But we decided it would be better for me to try and slim down naturally."

ANNE HATHAWAY has revealed she longs to star in an action movie.

The romcom actress, star of The Devil Wears Prada and Valentine's Day, admitted to the Los Angeles Times she is jealous of her current co-star JAKE GYLLENHAAL's next role in scifi film Source Code, with VERA FARMIGA, due out next year. Anne said: ''I want to fly a spaceship.

"And I want to shoot a laser into some intergalactic goop." Jake and Anne star as a lovedup couple in the new film Love And Other Drugs.

TIM ALLEN has confessed he used to love playing kitchens with his Easy Bake oven as a child.

The Toy Story 3 star, who voices macho spaceman Buzz Lightyear, also joked he was a fan of Barbie's dream house, but admitted the Easy Bake oven fascinated him as it could actually cook. Tim joked: ''I liked Barbie's dream house. That and my Easy Bake oven. ''I actually did like Easy Bake ovens because you could make cakes. With a light bulb. Go figure that out."

Anne EMMY ROSSUM has revealed she has been banned from watching the British version of Shameless, despite starring in the American adaptation. The Phantom Of The Opera star plays oldest Gallagher sister Fiona in the US version, the part played by ANN MARIE DUFF in the award-winning comedy drama about a chaotic family on a Manchester council estate. Emmy revealed: ''I've never seen it. PAUL ABBOTT, the creator, has asked that I not see it just so I take a fresh take on the story and the character."


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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Nov 24, 2010
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