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Show your science smarts.

Fill in the circle next to the best answer to each question.

Newsblast, page 2-3

(1) Cows burp out --, a powerful greenhouse gas.

(A) methane

(B) helium

(C) argon

(D) oxygen

(2) The corpse flower's smell attracts flies that -- the plant.

(A) feed

(B) consume

(C) pollinate

(D) protect

(3) Gum sticks to walls because it's made of a kind of --.

(A) glue

(B) cement

(C) syrup

(D) rubber


1. a 2. c 3. d

The Secrets of Slime, page 4-7

(1) A hagfish uses slime to --.

(A) defend against predators

(B) crawl on the ocean floor

(C) swim faster through water

(D) attack other fish

(2) Which is NOT a property of slug slime?

(A) strength

(B) dryness

(C) the ability to flow

(D) stickiness

(3) Mucus in your -- keeps dust from reaching your lungs.

(A) ears

(B) eyes

(C) nose

(D) stomach


1. a 2. b 3. c

The Great Pumpkin Race, pages 10-13

(1) Which force keeps giant pumpkins afloat?

(A) friction

(B) inertia

(C) buoyancy

(D) gravity

(2) pumpkin boats move more slowly.

(A) Lighter

(B) Heavier

(C) Stickier

(D) Greener

(3) Pumpkins are NOT hydrodynamic. That means they -- in water.

(A) move easily

(B) do not move easily

(C) slowly dissolve

(D) sink quickly


1. c 2. b 3. b


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