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Show other side of swap.

Byline: Melanie Blake

WAS this a shockumentary or a serious attempt at examining cultural tensions in modern Britain? Channel 4's My Week As A Muslim divided viewers on social media. Filmed in the week of the Manchester suicide bombing that killed 22, it saw British mum Katie, 42, going undercover to live with Muslim Saima's family.

Mancheste Katie cover liv fa woul the '"I wouldn't want to sit next to them as I would automatically think they are going to blow something up," Katie had admitted at the outset. Teacher and mum-offive Saima, 48, wanted to change public perception saying: "I'm doing this because there is a lot of ignorance and fear out there." As news of the bomb broke, Katie reconsidered the culture swap. Her fears seemed justified later when, disguised in traditional robes, she was abused by drinkers outside her local pub.

At the end the two women vowed to stay friends, but you feel fear of the unknown will continue to cast a shadow of suspicion between the communities. I'd like to see a Muslim spending a week with a British family to better understand that perspective.

Let's have a Part Two, I say.

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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Oct 29, 2017
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