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Show me the money DANB salary survey.

The findings cited in this report are based on a survey conducted by the Dental Assisting National Board. The survey group represents current DANB Certified Assistants. The survey sample of 5,000 was selected in a systematic fashion from 30,000 current DANB Certified Assistants. Data was collected via mail survey from September 15, 2001 to March 15, 2002. The survey was closed for tabulation with 1,125 responses, which calculates to a 22.5% response rate.
Average Salary Comparison
Among DANB Certified Assistants

Oral Surgery Assisting $15.87
General Dentistry $14.98

DANB Certified Assistants in specialty practices earn
more than those in general dental practice, with oral
surgery assistants earning an average $15.87 per hour.

Note: Table made from bar graph.


Part-Time 23%
Temp/Fill-In 3%
Full Time 73%

Most DANB Certified Assistants work full-time.

Note: Table made from pie chart.

Average Salary Per Hour

DANB Certified $14.98
Non-Certified $12.73

On average, full-time DANB Certified Assistants earn
$2.25 more an hour than non-certified assistants.

Note: Table made from bar graph.

Salary By Region

West Coast $16.16
Northeast $15.82
South Central $14.58
Southwest $14.20
North Central $13.93

Salaries for DANB Certified Assistants vary across the country.

Note: Table made from bar graph.


Alabama $12.40
Alaska $19.00
Arizona $14.00
Arkansas $14.10
California $18.30
Colorado $15.30
Connecticut $16.10
Delaware $15.60
Florida $14.00
Georgia $14.70
Hawaii $13.50
Idaho $14.10
Illinois $14.50
Indiana $14.00
Iowa $12.90
Kansas $15.00
Kentucky $14.50
Louisiana $13.50
Maine $15.40
Maryland $16.00
Massachusetts $16.30
Michigan $14.60
Minnesota $17.00
Mississippi $14.50
Missouri $12.50
Montana $11.60
Nebraska $13.20
Nevada $17.00
New Hampshire $17.30
New Jersey $16.60
New Mexico $14.20
New York $14.10
North Carolina $15.50
North Dakota $12.90
Ohio $17.30
Oklahoma $14.90
Oregon $15.20
Pennsylvania $15.40
Rhode Island $14.90
South Carolina $14.20
South Dakota $11.90
Tennessee $12.30
Texas $17.10
Utah $13.90
Vermont $15.60
Virginia $14.90
Washington $17.30
West Virginia $13.80
Wisconsin $16.40
Wyoming $13.80

What respondents think are reasons for the
shortage of dental assistants:

Low pay 81%
Lack of status of the profession 53%
Not enough graduates from quality
 schools/programs 48%
Lack of respect from employer/other dental
 professionals 46%
Insufficient number of educational/training
 programs for dental assistants 34%
Low quality of education/training for
 dental assistants 32%
Lack of career path opportunities 32%
Fast career burn-out 31%
Short career length 28%
Uninteresting work 2%

What respondents think are possible solutions
to the shortage of dental assistants:

Provide higher wages to dental assistants 100%
Encourage expanded duties for chairside
 assistants 77%
Promote dental assistant careers in high schools 70%
Increase the number of dental assisting
 training programs 48%
Promote on-the-job training apprentices 34%
Encourage tuition discounts at dental
 assisting schools 28%
Increase size of classes at dental assisting 16%

Salary Based on Size of Practice

51% of

37% of

12% No response

DANB Certified Assistants employed in
a group practice earn more money.

Note: Table made from pie chart.

Salary By Years In The Profession

 0-5 $12.92
 6-10 $14.06
11-15 $14.96
16-20 $15.96
21-25 $15.71
26-30 $15.72
31-35 $15.81
36-40 $15.33

Salaries top off after 16-20 years in the profession.

Note: Table made from bar graph.

Office/Practice Setting

College/University 5%
Clinic/HMO 3%
Hospital 2%
No response 2%
Military 1%
Prison 1%
 Health Dept 1%
Vocational School 1%
Other 1%

Private Practice 84%

Most DANB Certified Assistants work in private practice.

Note: Table made from pie chart.

Type of Practice

Orthodontic 10%
Oral Surgery 5%
Pedodontic 3%
Periodontic 3%
Prosthodontic 2%
Endodontic 2%
No response 13%
General Dentistry 62%

Most DANB Certified Assistants work in general dentistry.

Note: Table made from pie chart.
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