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Show lays bare roads carnage; TElEVIsION.

THE full horror of a car crash is to be laid bare in a hardhitting documentary. Surgeons and pathologists reveal the truth behind the carnage on the roads in the TV3 programme.

Paramedics and firemen tell of having to search roadsides for missing victims and limbs in the worst cases.

At the end of the documentary Road Safety Authority chairman Gay Byrne, the narrator, issues a stark warning to road users.

He said: "I hope it makes you think anew about the fragility of your body in relation to a car or a motorbike. "Even the smallest impact can result in an injury which can affect you or your family for the rest of your life."

Inside A Car Crash - Ireland's Shocking Truth will air tomorrow at 9pm.
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 21, 2011
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