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Show & tell: new equipment for business presentations.

When making a group presentation, it pays to have the latest in equipment at your fingertips.

At your last road show presentation, did you trip over the microphone cord, watch in horror as the slide projector went haywire or almost faint when your notes slid like sand between your fingers and fell to a heap on the conference room floor? If so, maybe you'd rather forget these things happened. But to ensure that such foibles have a minimum chance of ruining your next show, check out this lineup of portable presentation equipment for a smoother show-and-tell.

The Wizard OZ-9600 from Sharp Electronics Corp. lets you check your notes, pull up figures or locate a client file inconspicuosly. Weighing 15 ounces and powered by four conventional AAA batteries that last for 80 hours, the Wizard OZ-9600 is more portable than a personal computer. It features a large pixel resolution LCD touch screen, qwerty-style keyboard and 256K memory. Most newsworthy, however, is the use of infrared technology, which allows wireless communication between two units (a new twist on the concept of passing notes during a meeting) and an electronic scrapbook function, which allows you to write with the Wizard stylus or your own finger and save the information electronically. An assortment of peripherals are available to connect the unit to your PC. Available in electronics stores, it retails for $649.

The Panasonic Ramsa WX-RP410/RP700 Wireless ENG/EFP Microphone System is the right tool to have if your presentation requires mobility. Operating at a radio frequency of UHF 800 mHz, the unit offers long-range transmission, and a 30-channel option ensures interference-free operation. At just seven ounces, the wireless microphone can operate for up to six hours on standard alkaline AA batteries. Available at electronics specialty stores nationwide, it costs $4,800.

When making your presentation, the PenPointer 2 is a hand-held laser that doubles as a sleek ballpoint pen. Made of aerospace titanium, it contains a state-of-the-art laser diode for precise highlighting of objects, up to 300 feet away. Available at The Sharper Image for $159.95.

Sharp's QA-16,50 LCD Projection Panel can be used with a traditional overhead projector and features color display and full-motion capabilities for use with virtually all PC and video systems. Images can be manipulated and enlarged and computer presentations enhanced by the wireless PC control, which lets you access page-up and page-down functions at the touch of a remote. The projector is set up by running a cable from the panel to a computer, and for video presentations, a direct composite video input and S-video terminals are provided. Selling for $6,495, it is available in electronics stores.

If you're making a presentation to a small group and want to share the highlights of an event you've recorded in advance or want to tune into the news, check out Sony's GV-S50--a miniature 8mm video cassette recorder (VCR) with a four-inch color LCD screen and a detachable cable-compatible TV tuner pack. The unit includes a multi-event timer, still frame and slow mo or features and weighs under three pounds. Selling for $1,200, it is available at department stores nationwide.
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Author:Knight, Kimberly
Publication:Black Enterprise
Date:Mar 1, 1993
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