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Show & Tell.

Show & Tell by Nelson George Scribner, May 2001, $12.00, ISBN 0-743-20443-3

If you want to read a savvy, funny, intelligent, erotic mystery, pick up Nelson George's newest novel, Show & Tell. If you've never experienced all of these elements in one book, proceed with caution ... it might be too much fo' ya!

Lead character Dean Chance is the very happily engaged talk-show producer who discovers a new dimension to his sexual desires when he meets the provocative and dangerous beauty, Bee. She opens a world to him that is daring, sexy and exciting by encouraging him to explore his fantasies. Soon, this new world threatens to destroy both his personal and professional life. He watches the security of his safe "old" life dissolve into a mystery spun from secrets and lust when his clandestine relationship with Bee is revealed. Meanwhile, his fiancee Millie has a few secrets of her own that will twist the plot in a new direction.

This novel tastefully delves into a world of sexual fantasy and experimentation. The characters are uniquely rich. The backdrop of talk show development and production is enlightening. George navigates the reader through the gritty New York streets revealing an underground erogenous culture of successful buppies. Each page drips with sensual, brazen dialogue that will engross you so thoroughly you won't see the twists and turns of the mysterious plot coming. A page-turner to the end, Show & Tell will leave you wanting more.

Kimberly White is a romance writer and the founder of Kimberley's Critiques.
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Title Annotation:Review
Author:White, Kimberley
Publication:Black Issues Book Review
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jul 1, 2001
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