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Shouts And Whispers.

Shouts And Whispers

Jennifer L. Holberg

Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company

255 Jefferson Avenue, S. E., Grand Rapids, MI 49503

0802832296 $15.00

Expertly compiled, accessibly organized and deftly edited by Jennifer L. Holberg (Associate Professor of English at Calvin College and founding co-editor of the journal Pedagogy), Shouts And Whispers: Twenty-One Writers Speak About Their Writing And Their Faith is an informative collection of contributions and commentaries from twenty-one well-known writers and successful authors. Presenting featured interviews with such writing authorities as Joy Kogwa, Anne Lamott, Kathleen Norris, Paul Schrader, and diverse essays by the others, Shouts And Whispers carries its readers through the ideological and perspective analysis of each contributor's perceptive understanding of the art and task of writing and its intersection with faith and personal belief. An informative and thoughtful anthology of philosophical and theological ideas, brief biographies, poetry, and so much more, Shouts And Whispers is very highly recommended reading for members of the Christian community with an interest in the intersecting values of literature and faith.
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Author:Cowper, Mary
Publication:MBR Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jul 1, 2006
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