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Shouting from the rooftops about the value of photonics.

Day of Photonics is an annual event that promotes the benefits of photonics to the general public. Companies, research organisations, and associations reach out to their communities to raise awareness of the sector's importance, and promote the role of their organisation in the photonics ecosystem and value chain.

Why is it important to promote photonics to the general public?

The more people aware of how photonics positively impacts our day-to-day lives, the more interest there is from citizens, which leads to increased support from public authorities. In addition, raising the profile of the sector will attract future employees. EPIC members have more than 1,200 job openings (see list on www. and it is important to attract the best talent to these positions.

Photonics is a key enabling technology, involving more than 5,000 companies in Europe. Together, let's make sure the world understands the significance and relevance of the photonics industry!

Why 21 October?

On 21 October 1983, the General Conference of Weights and Measures adopted the value of 299,792.458km/s as the speed of light. To mark this date, we hope to see hundreds of annual celebrations across the globe, from demonstrations and discussions to light displays and family activities.

What to expect?

Activities will take place in more than 30 countries and will demonstrate all kinds of ways photonics impacts our lives.

In addition to increasing photonics knowledge among the general public, the Day of Photonics also provides the opportunity to increase awareness in organisations. Keeping in mind not all of us in the industry are fully aware of the breadth of applications of photonics, it could be worthwhile to launch an internal awareness campaign of how the products and technologies developed find their way into an amazingly diversified range of uses.

There are many other ways that organisations can engage different groups, such as: organising school visits or welcoming students; inviting neighbouring organisations to introduce their photonics-related work; and planning office family days so children can learn about photonics through their parents' work. If all else fails, it provides a great excuse to hold a staff drink reception!

How can people contribute?

Any company, research organisation, university, school, student chapter is encouraged to plan an activity. There is no cost to participate, but it is very much self-organised. There will be hundreds of activities all made possible thanks to volunteers.

Most events are expected to be on a small scale held within the company (open day, family day), but flagship events where various partners collaborate for a large event could also be arranged.

* Please visit or contact for more information.

Caption: A Day of Photonics event put on by the Center for Young Scientists and Pudak Scientific, Indonesia in 2014

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