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Slash Your Shoulder Pain: Using the shoulder joint and the muscles around it beyond the intended demand can be unavoidable with your life demands. But pain is exacerbated by muscular imbalances. McNealus, Kristin Sep 1, 2018 1148
Wohlfahrtiimonas chitiniclastica Bacteremia in Hospitalized Homeless Man with Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Katanami, Yuichi; Kutsuna, Satoshi; Nagashima, Maki; Takaya, Saho; Yamamoto, Kei; Takeshita, Nozomi; Case study Sep 1, 2018 1520
The within-day reliability of scapular and shoulder EMG measurements in asymptomatic individuals during shoulder abduction. Grime, Aishwarya; Daines, Sophie; Pringle, Lucy; Heang, Lee; Ribeiro, Daniel Cury Report Jul 1, 2018 3724
The Impact of Anterior Glenoid Defects on Reverse Shoulder Glenoid Fixation in a Composite Scapula Model. Roche, Christopher P.; Stroud, Nicholas J.; Palomino, Pablo; Flurin, Pierre-Henri; Wright, Thomas W. Report Apr 1, 2018 4396
Handball load and shoulder injury rate: a 31-week cohort study of 679 elite youth handball players. Moller, M.; Nielsen, R.O.; Attermann, J.; Wedderkopp, N.; Lind, M.; Sorensen, H.; Myklebust, G. Report Mar 1, 2018 1138
The Effects of Double Oscillation Exercise Combined with Elastic Band Exercise on Scapular Stabilizing Muscle Strength and Thickness in Healthy Young Individuals: A Randomized Controlled Pilot Trial. Cho, Jieun; Lee, Kyeongbong; Kim, Minkyu; Hahn, Joohee; Lee, Wanhee Report Mar 1, 2018 6740
A systematic review of thrust manipulation combined with one conservative intervention for rotator cuff and related non-surgical shoulder conditions. Minkalis, Amy L.; Vining, Robert D.; Long, Cynthia R.; Hawk, Cheryl; de Luca, Katie; Chiro, M. Report Jan 1, 2018 6649
A New Approach to an Old Concept for Reducing Shoulder Pain Caused by Gynecological Laparoscopy. Chaichian, Shahla; Moazzami, Bahram; Haghgoo, Ameneh; Sheibani, Kourosh Report Jan 1, 2018 2751
Electromyography of Dumbbell Fly Exercise Using Different Planes and Labile Surfaces. Reiser, Fernando C.; Lira, Jumes L.O.; Bonfim, Beatriz M.A.; Santos Filho, Solival J.A.; Durante, Br Report Dec 1, 2017 4266
An unusual case of diffuse pigmented villonodular synovitis of the shoulder: A multidisciplinary approach with arthroscopic synovectomy and adjuvant radiotherapy. Serra, Tania Quinas; Morais, Joao; Goncalves, Zico; Agostinho, Francisco; Melo, Gilberto; Henriques, Case study Jun 1, 2017 1943
Sonographic evaluation of shoulder joint pain with MRI correlation. Narra, Ramakrishna; Jehendren, Varunya Mary; Bollipo, Johny Prasad; Putcha, Anusha Report May 8, 2017 3713
Botulinum Toxin Injection-Site Selection for a Smooth Shoulder Line: An Anatomical Study. Lee, Je Hun; Lee, Key Youn; Kim, Ji Young; Son, Woo Hyeon; Jeong, Ji Heun; Jeong, Young Gil; Kwon, S Report Jan 1, 2017 3113
Coracoid fracture following latarjet failure: a case report. Capogna, Brian; William, Ryan E., Jr.; McGee, Alan W.; Jazrawi, Laith M. Oct 1, 2016 2136
Gain better balance with a strong core: essential exercises to build key shoulder, hip and back muscles. Aug 1, 2016 853
A study of neck and shoulder morbidity following neck dissection: the benefits of cervical plexus preservation. Garzaro, Massimiliano; Riva, Giuseppe; Raimondo, Luca; Aghemo, Laura; Giordano, Carlo; Pecorari, Gia Report Aug 1, 2015 5341
Intra and inter examiner reliability of the range of motion of the shoulder in asymptomatic subjects, by means of digital inclinometers. Poser, Antonio; Ballarin, Raul; Piu, Pietro; Venturin, Davide; Plebani, Giuseppe; Rossi, Alex Report Jul 1, 2015 5010
Shoulder range of motion and strength in professional ice hockey players. Cohn, Randy M.; Strauss, Eric J.; Jazrawi, Laith M.; Feldman, Andrew J. Report Jan 1, 2015 2951
Being careful with cueing, part 2: the shoulder girdle and ribcage. McCarther, Sean Report Nov 1, 2014 3807
A case of missed unilateral neuropathic arthropathy of the shoulder secondary to cervico-dorsal syrinx: a rare presentation. Kumar, S.M. Arvind; K., Chittaranjan; Kumar, Raj; Kumar, Krishna Case study Apr 7, 2014 1178
Postoperative shoulder function after different types of neck dissection in head and neck cancer. Sheikh, Adil; Shallwani, Hussain; Ghaffar, Shehzad Apr 1, 2014 140
Comparison of the effects of local cryotherapy and passive cross-body stretch on extensibility in subjects with posterior shoulder tightness. Park, Kyue-nam; Kwon, Oh-yun; Weon, Jong-hyuck; Choung, Sung-dae; Kim, Si-hyun Report Mar 1, 2014 5012
Articular eminence inclination, height, and condyle morphology on cone beam computed tomography. Ilguy, Dilhan; Ilguy, Mehmet; Ficekcioglu, Erdogan; Dolekoglu, Semanur; Ersan, Nilufer Report Jan 1, 2014 3678
Impact of inferior glenoid tilt, humeral retroversion, bone grafting, and design parameters on muscle length and deltoid wrapping in reverse shoulder arthroplasty. Roche, Christopher P.; Diep, Phong; Hamilton, Matthew; Crosby, Lynn A.; Flurin, Pierre-Henri; Wright Report Oct 1, 2013 7743
Atrophy of the infraspinatus muscle as a result of atraumatic isolated suprascapular neuropathy: a case report and review of the literature/ Infraspinatus kasinda atrofiye neden olan atravmatik izole supraskapular sinir hasari: olgu sunumu ve literaturun gozden gecirilmesi. Yemisci, Oya Umit; Cosar, Sacide Nur Saracgil; Oztop, Pinar Clinical report Jun 1, 2013 1674
Coordination patterns of shoulder muscles during level-ground and incline wheelchair propulsion. Qi, Liping; Wakeling, James; Grange, Simon; Ferguson-Pell, Martin Report May 1, 2013 5890
Comparison of outcomes using anatomic and reverse total shoulder arthroplasty. Flurin, Pierre-Henri; Marczuk, Yann; Janout, Martin; Wright, Thomas W.; Zuckerman, Joseph; Roche, Ch Report Apr 15, 2013 4038
The role of subscapularis repair in reverse total shoulder arthroplasty. Routman, Howard D. Report Apr 15, 2013 2599
Design rationale for a posterior/superior offset reverse shoulder prosthesis. Roche, Christopher P.; Hamilton, Matthew A.; Diep, Phong; Flurin, Pierre-Henri; Routman, Howard D. Report Apr 15, 2013 3269
Muscle force and excursion requirements and moment arm analysis of a posterior-superior offset reverse total shoulder prosthesis. Onstot, Brian R.; Jacofsky, Marc C.; Hansen, Matthew L. Report Apr 15, 2013 2551
Effect of prosthesis design on muscle length and moment arms in reverse total shoulder arthroplasty. Hamilton, Matthew A.; Roche, Christopher P.; Diep, Phong; Flurin, Pierre-Henri; Routman, Howard D. Report Apr 15, 2013 2939
Use of the subscapularis preserving technique in anatomic total shoulder arthroplasty. Simovitch, Ryan; Fullick, Robert; Kwon, Young; Zuckerman, Joseph D. Report Apr 15, 2013 3417
Thoracic posture, shoulder muscle activation patterns and isokinetic strength of semi-professional rugby union players. Bolton, G.; Moss, S.J.; Sparks, M.; Venter, P.C. Report Apr 1, 2013 5414
The role of myofascial trigger points in shoulder pain: a literature review. Jonsson, Catrin Report Sep 1, 2012 3640
Strong shoulder muscles can help you avoid rotator cuff tears. Apr 1, 2012 400
Moves for strong shoulders. Brief article Apr 1, 2012 146
5-minute fitness: back rows. Brief article Nov 1, 2011 184
Kinematic analysis of line-out throwing in elite international rugby union. Sayers, Mark G.L. Report Sep 1, 2011 4791
Surgery for torn shoulder muscles can improve pain. Brief article Nov 1, 2010 184
J Electromyogr Kinesiol: Spontaneous whole body rotations and classical dance expertise: how shoulder-hip coordination influences supporting leg displacements. Golomer, E.; Toussaint, Y.; Bouillette, A.; Keller, J. Report Apr 1, 2010 208
Ipsilateral nonunions of the coracoid process and distal clavicle: a rare shoulder girdle fracture pattern. Ruchelsman, David E.; Christoforou, Dimitrios; Rokito, Andrew S. Report Jan 1, 2010 2262
J Mot Behav.: Effects of mental imagery styles on shoulder and hip rotations during preparation of pirouettes. Golomer, E.; Bouillette, A.; Mertz, C.; Keller, J. Report Oct 1, 2009 162
Effect of the shoulder position on the biceps brachii EMG in different dumbbell curls. Oliveira, Liliam F.; Matta, Thiago T.; Alves, Daniel S.; Garcia, Marco A.C.; Vieira, Taian M.M. Report Mar 1, 2009 3681
The shoulder matrix: a simple solution for improved stabilization. Mannie, Ken Column Sep 1, 2008 1317
Shoulder pain during military presses. Weiman, Mark; Lentz, Doug; Tymon, Greg Sep 1, 2007 501
Frozen shoulder. Nagler, Willibald Aug 15, 2005 726
Effect of an eccentric exercise bout on concentric power of the shoulder. Iveland, S.; Noffal, G.; Brown, L.; Zinder, S.; Koob, R. Clinical report Mar 22, 2005 418
Power recovery of the shoulder after an eccentric bout. Koob, R.M.; Noffal, G.J.; Iveland, S.; Zinder, S.; Brown, L.E. Clinical report Mar 22, 2005 517
SLAP lesions of the shoulder. Maurer, Stephen G.; Rosen, Jeffrey E.; Bosco, Joseph A., III Dec 22, 2003 5497
Target training: The shoulders. (Powerline). Mannie, Ken Feb 1, 2002 1087
Woman to Woman. Brief Article Oct 1, 2000 866
'Frozen Shoulder' Thaws With Time. BATES, BETSY May 1, 1999 514
The weighted abduction Grashey shoulder method. Apple, April S.; Pedowitz, Robert A.; Speer, Kevin P. Nov 1, 1997 1490
Self-help for rotator cuffs. Brief Article Aug 1, 1994 695
Shoulders in motion. Jun 1, 1989 518

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