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Jail for man who minded shotgun for drug dealer. Jun 16, 2017 419
Boy took shotgun into school. Jun 15, 2017 128
Stevens Double shotgun. R., E. Jun 1, 2017 151
4th coming: Winchester managed to build a better successor to the SX3 for less money. Fitzpatrick, Brad Jun 1, 2017 2670
Provision Of Shotgun Cartridges. May 23, 2017 155
Jail for drug dealer who blasted home of his rival. May 3, 2017 645
Drug dealer blasted his rival's home with shotgun. May 2, 2017 733
A seafaring Turk: if you're worried about security on the bounding main, this new marine shotgun offers it for just a few pieces of eight. Hunnicutt, Robert W. May 1, 2017 1716
Usman wins Skeet Shotgun event of Garrison shooting gala. Apr 23, 2017 366
Usman wins Skeet Shotgun event of Garrison shooting gala. Apr 23, 2017 366
Supplies Of Sporting And Hunting Shotgun Shells. Apr 6, 2017 137
German shotgun parts. Coffield, Reid Interview Apr 1, 2017 111
Browning sweet sixteen shotgun. Hunnicutt, Robert W. Mar 20, 2017 3365
Williams percussion shotgun. James, Garry Nov 24, 2016 390
Man jailed for illegal shotgun in his garage. Nov 11, 2016 400
Model 21 stackbarrel: a new take on the time-proven Winchester Model 21 side-by-side, produced using the same methods by Connecticut Shotgun Mfg. Co. Hunnicutt, Robert W. Oct 20, 2016 2412
Phones of murder accused in area at time of shooting; ANALYSIS TRACES MOBILES OF BROTHERS ON TRIAL OVER SHOTGUN DEATH OF LEWIS, 16. Oct 18, 2016 374
A smoothbore no more: shotgun hunting for whitetails has come a long way from the days of simply shoving a lot of lead into your old bird gun and hoping for the best. Whittington, Gordon Oct 1, 2016 872
The great 58! A classic shotgun fondly remembered. Taylor, John Sep 28, 2016 1110
Contra Las Palomas: flying south to evaluate shotguns at the world's premier dove hunt destination. Let's go to Argentina. Poole, Eric R. Sep 24, 2016 2608
M37 redux: Inland Mfg. reincarnates one of the rarest trench gun veterans of World War II and Vietnam. James, Garry Sep 24, 2016 1826
Procurement Of 12 Bore 24gms Shotgun Competitions And Training Ammunition For Double Trap Events. Sep 7, 2016 138
Women continue to benefit from shotguns designed just for them. Parsons-Wraith, Lisa Sep 1, 2016 462
Strike a balance. Sep 1, 2016 257
Shotgun and ammunition recovered; NEWS WIRE. Aug 27, 2016 112
RR: all the choke you need: Rob Roberts is a gun-toting Arkansas country boy who can help you drop more ducks stone dead. Gordon, John Aug 26, 2016 1529
Procurement Of 12bore 24gms Competition And Training Ammunition For Skeet Events For Training Of Shotgun Shooters. Aug 24, 2016 140
Ranger shotgun parts. Coffield, Reid Aug 20, 2016 101
United States : Stevens Launches 12-Gauge Model 320 Waterfowl Camo Pump Shotgun. Aug 12, 2016 101
Pros and cons of shotguns for self-defense. Krey, Patrick Aug 8, 2016 521
Stevens Model 320 shotgun. Jones, David Hunter Aug 1, 2016 169
Slugging away. Miller, Payton Jul 30, 2016 2608
Down Remington lane: the authors 870 and 1100 were death on Pennsylvania gamebirds. McGonigle, John Jul 20, 2016 795
Upland shotguns. Taylor, John Jul 20, 2016 1044
Supply of 12 gauge, 20 gauge & .410 bore shotguns. Jul 15, 2016 153
Teens steal shotguns from house; NEWS WIRE. Jul 14, 2016 210
Supply of Shotgun Vaults, Dayboxes and Shot Locks. Jul 13, 2016 482
Hundreds of children aged under 13 hold shotgun certificates. Jul 2, 2016 229
Thousands of teens get gun licences. Jul 2, 2016 128
Make the most of fall hunting sales: as the season nears, is your store ready? Boyles, Carolee Anita Jun 1, 2016 1174
Caliber cartridges .223 ", .44 caliber cartridges" spl, 16 caliber cartridges for shotgun cartridges for shotgun 36 caliber cartridges for shotgun 28 caliber, caliber cartridges 25. May 31, 2016 127
Remington's hooded O/U: the innovative 3200 stack barrel should have had a longer run. Taylor, John May 27, 2016 1076
Court makes bungling gangster pay back PS40; DRUGS AND GUNS THUG MADE PS120,000 PROCEEDS FROM CRIME. May 21, 2016 552
Old friends ... a Remington reminiscence: Big Green rolls into its second century. Gash, Steve May 20, 2016 1184
Shotgun road pedestrian trail renovations. May 11, 2016 142
A swingin' affair: there was no shortage of smoothbore surprises at the 2016 SHOT Show. Bodinson, Holt May 5, 2016 980
Make it a double: having two quick, reliable shots on tap can save your bacon. Barsness, John May 5, 2016 2028
Shotgun sports lead women's long-gun market. Parsons-Wraith, Lisa May 1, 2016 542
V3: Remington takes something good and makes it better. Poole, Eric R. Apr 27, 2016 1585
Shotguns: a budget-friendly inertia gun, an elegant double, a 3-inch 28-gauge autoloader and a very sweet 16 gauge round out the best new shotguns to look forward to. Fitzpatrick, Brad Apr 27, 2016 2023
Field-proven favorite. Apr 27, 2016 237
fighting menace of guns and bike gangs We reveal the scale of fight to rid city of scrambler & shotgun yobs. Apr 10, 2016 572
Supply of Guns, Rifles, & Shotguns. Apr 5, 2016 288
Beretta 1301 semi-automatic law enforcement shotgun kits. Mar 30, 2016 181
YOUNG GUNS; Probe reveals 4,000 children hold certificate to use shotgun; EXCLUSIVE. Mar 21, 2016 563
Man allegedly fires shotgun from car in front of Jasper Mill. Mar 21, 2016 272
Shotgun can shoot for glory after all. Mar 19, 2016 653
Shotgun can shoot for glory after all. Mar 19, 2016 653
Supply of Remington 870 parts. Mar 17, 2016 108
Prairie proven: how TriStar's Gus Bader is building Turkish guns that work. Knowles, Skip Mar 12, 2016 2658
8-gauge Shattuck shotgun. James, Garry Mar 12, 2016 547
The path to enlightenment: TriStar guns head to Canada to prove that we don't need to spend a lot to get a lot. Knowles, Skip Mar 12, 2016 2427
Just a little squeeze: interchangeable choke tubes are the biggest game-changer since the shotshell. Bodinson, Holt Mar 2, 2016 1042
Hornady custom lite shotgun slugs. Miller, Payton Mar 2, 2016 376
The right start: Mossberg's .410 is ideal for teaching youngsters the ropes. Gash, Steve Feb 24, 2016 1060
Enough guns to start a war.. PARISH COUNCILLOR'SECRET WEAPONS CACHE; Cops found his deadly haul behind pantry; 'Pillar' of community's 463 firearms. Feb 20, 2016 1369
Enough guns to start a war.. PARISH COUNCILLOR'SECRET WEAPONS CACHE; Cops found his deadly haul behind pantry; 'Pillar' of community's 463 firearms. Feb 20, 2016 1387
The purchase of special ammunition for smoothbore shotguns cal. 12/70-no matter 13 / cut / 16 / tg. Feb 5, 2016 133
Drug dealer caught with shotgun jailed; seven years for man who hid cannabis and weapons under bed. Feb 4, 2016 397
Ready Aim Craft Remembers the Alamo with Texas Flag Made from over 360 Once-fired Shotgun Shells. Feb 3, 2016 577
SHOTGUN SHELL ALERT AT FINE GAEL ARD FHEIS; Room evacuated after shock find. Jan 23, 2016 242
Remington repeating shotgun. James, Garry Jan 22, 2016 228
Martini shotgun. James, Garry Letter to the editor Dec 11, 2015 423
Think pink! Undeniably eye-catching and priced to sell, legacy's Turkish-made foxy woods 20-gauge semi-auto is ready for action. Bodinson, Holt Dec 1, 2015 915
Hard-core: hardware: EAA's 12-gauge MKA 1919 match ups the ante for 3-gun competitors. Dabbs, Will Nov 27, 2015 1252
Cops recover shotgun and ammunition from banks of the river; WEAPONS HAUL AFTER WEEK LONG SEARCH IN GARSTON. Nov 24, 2015 244
Pocket rocket primer part 1: autoloaders: here's a crash-course on how to be a better shot with your mousy autos. Tarr, James Nov 10, 2015 2467
No-plastic shotgun. Coffield, Reid Nov 10, 2015 139
Beretta launches L.E. leasing program. Nov 1, 2015 192
New women's shotgun line spurs sales. Parsons-Wraith, Lisa Nov 1, 2015 363
Classy chassis: Mossberg's MVP LC Scope Combo can best be described as a "premium package gun.". Miller, Payton Cover story Nov 1, 2015 1701
JEALOUS EX-LOVER'S SHOTGUN RAMPAGE; Victim's terror as thug blasted her window. Oct 27, 2015 404
Ol' devil wind: even shotgun patterns get pushed around. Bodinson, Holt Oct 1, 2015 781
Yote Camo shotguns & rifles. Debbas, Tiffany Oct 1, 2015 115
Cased Aya shotgun. James, Garry Sep 16, 2015 241
No mercy for roosters: Franchi's light and fast affinity and intensity shotguns made the Utah sky rain pheasants. Waldron, Len Sep 16, 2015 1886
Soft-kicking Stoeger: the 3000 has the look and feel of more expensive autos with the same functionality. Taylor, John M. Sep 1, 2015 915
Waterfowl shotguns. Taylor, John M. Sep 1, 2015 1232
Helice: pure instinctive shotgunning. Legate, Shari Sep 1, 2015 1198
What about air shotguns? Gaylord, Tom Aug 20, 2015 1618
Bannerman Spencer shotgun. James, Garry Aug 19, 2015 546
Ted Williams 300 shotgun. James, Garry Aug 19, 2015 201
Shotgun-Nitish meet keeps all guessing. Jul 27, 2015 897
Guns of a lifetime: your first duck-killing bang-stick is the ultimate piece of gear. Johnson, M.D. Jul 17, 2015 2280
Shotguns. Taylor, John M. Jul 17, 2015 1482
Hunting accessories. Rearick, David Jul 17, 2015 2122
Marshwood heirloom shotgun. James, Garry Jul 17, 2015 335
Supply of Remington Rifles. Jul 2, 2015 141
Ready Aim Craft Receives Trademark License from Marine Corps, Combines USMC Emblem and Spent Shotgun Shells to Create Unique Wall Art. Jul 1, 2015 505
Pick, click, shoot! Winchester brings patterning dope to your computer screen. Bodinson, Holt Jun 26, 2015 751
Shotgun and ammo found in Bootle park; Matrix unit hails discovery and pledges crackdown. Jun 9, 2015 281
Passionate shooter: Dave Miller's dedication brought CZ to the forefront of shotgunning. Gash, Steve Jun 1, 2015 1058
Enchanting Shotguns: Syren caters to the fastest-growing segment of shooters--women. Gash, Steve Jun 1, 2015 1037
The softer side: you can still shoot ducks with dad's old double. Taylor, John M. May 29, 2015 851
Dissecting the 3-Gun game & equipment: part III: the shotgun. Legate, Shari May 27, 2015 1419
Another fun gun from Magnum Research, Inc. Taffin, John May 27, 2015 1379
Mum spared prison but son is jailed over shotgun; Drugs and a meat cleaver also found. May 7, 2015 505
Winchester patterns Turkey loads. Thurman, Russ Apr 1, 2015 131
The evolving American semi-auto: Remington's new V3 field sport 12 gauge redefines the self-loading field shotgun. Bodinson, Holt Feb 25, 2015 1012
Art by design: Benelli's new 828U over/under breaks tradition and smashes convention ... beautifully. Knowles, Skip Feb 12, 2015 2213
Beretta Presents the SO6EELL Izumi Project: the 1st Premium Over-and-Under Shotgun Engraved by a Katana Sensei. Feb 5, 2015 466
Beretta shotgun selected by Alabama DPS. Feb 1, 2015 120
Beretta USA film reveals artistry. Thurman, Russ Feb 1, 2015 171
From nuts & bolts to guns & bullets; Hardware shop owner unmasked as a drug kingpin with stash of ammo and shotgun. Jan 29, 2015 416
The star wars shotgun: the UTS-15 redefines "tactical smoothbore.". Bodinson, Holt Dec 24, 2014 1561
New York's not so "SAFE" Act: the Second Amendment in an 'Alice in Wonderland' world where words have no meaning. Halbrook, Stephen P. Dec 22, 2014 13019
Guns and Shotguns for ASPC-Lewis. Dec 5, 2014 232
Student's death tests 'stand your ground'; Defendant fired his shotgun four times into garage. Baumanan, Lisa Dec 5, 2014 645
Silencerco salvo: can you really suppress a shotgun? Waldron, Len Nov 13, 2014 1368
Legacy sports pointer shotgun: can you get an over-under you'd care to own for just 660? yes, you can. it's not a perazzi, but for hunting or informal sporting clays shooting, it will serve admirably. Nov 1, 2014 1092
Three-peater: Chiappa's triple 20. Bodinson, Holt Oct 29, 2014 1592
Pump power: Winchester SXP marine defender 12-gauge. Taffin, John Oct 29, 2014 1333
2015 wildfowl shotgun roundup: Twelve new shotguns you don't need to baby. Hart, David Oct 22, 2014 2182
Shotgun deaths 'terrible accident' claims accused. Oct 16, 2014 225
Dad jailed for minding sawn-off shotgun; Dog walker found 'criminal's weapon' hidden in field. Oct 3, 2014 319
Bullpup unlimited 870 conversion: is that old 870 riot gun just not getting it done for you? with this kit, you can turn it into a great-looking bullpup that's fun to shoot and tacticool! Hunnicutt, Robert W. Oct 1, 2014 1699
Olympic double trap: it's a lot tougher than it looks. Legate, Shari Sep 25, 2014 1408
870P Shotgun Spares. Sep 5, 2014 112
Purchase of Shotgun Plugs. Aug 26, 2014 155
Pumpin' out the power: Mossberg's M500 flex-combined with Hornady's "Custom Lite" sabot slugs--is a black bear buster. Bodinson, Holt Aug 22, 2014 1935
Nighthawk Custom Remington 870: famous for their high-quality, built-in-house 1911 pistols, Nighthawk Custom now offers their own tricked-out 12-gauge Remington pump. Ayoob, Mussad Aug 22, 2014 1110
Revealed: scale of gun crime on borough streets; Shotgun cartridges found by children, figures reveal. Aug 18, 2014 560
Waterfowl shotguns. Taylor, John M. Aug 13, 2014 1141
The R51 9mm: Remington's new pocket auto is an updated, modern version of the early Pedersen-designed model 51. Bodinson, Holt Cover story Aug 2, 2014 1803
Mossberg, Red Jacket partnership. Aug 1, 2014 176
Mark11 & Shotgun Spares. Jul 30, 2014 101
Shotguns. Hart, David Jul 22, 2014 1353
United States : Autodesk plans to takeover SHOTGUN SOFTWARE. Jul 10, 2014 215
United States : AUTODESK agrees to buy SHOTGUN SOFTWARE. Jul 3, 2014 290
Smooth operator: beretta's next great bird killer is a 20-gauge. Sisley, Nick Jun 1, 2014 542
The return of the red label: Ruger's new redesigned over/under 12-gauge shotgun is a game getter. Bodinson, Holt Jun 1, 2014 1583
Double upscale: Workhorse to throughbred: Aimpro tactical works aftermarket wonders on Mossberg's 590A1 shotgun and the Taurus 44 tracker. Miller, Payton May 21, 2014 2261
Mossberg for me. Passwater, Dennis May 21, 2014 172
Stabbed drug dealer had a sawn-off shotgun in car. Apr 16, 2014 695
Engagement to Amber Heard wasn't a 'shotgun affair', says Johnny Depp. Apr 5, 2014 106
Buying used long guns: here are some tips and tricks to help make a satisfying deal. Barsness, John Mar 23, 2014 2269
Camo series of shotgun sights. Moreau, Jason Mar 23, 2014 116
Defensive shotguns finally catching up: In a world where everything seems to be AR-related, the scattergun still remains a viable choice for home defense. And developments in ammo and accessories, many driven by 3-Gun shooting, are making it even more potent. Tarr, James Mar 20, 2014 2897
The awesome LeMat: this was one hard-hitting civil war pistol. Bodinson, Holt Feb 27, 2014 2085
High-visibility 12-gauge shell. Feb 27, 2014 368
Remington's model 51: the best pocket pistol few ever knew. Feb 26, 2014 1640
Classy workhorse. Barsness, John Feb 9, 2014 2268
GUN HAUL FOUND AT TRAIN STATION; Double-barreled shotguns and ammo recovered. Feb 1, 2014 405
Mossberg offers dealers free guns. Thurman, Russ Feb 1, 2014 192
Weatherby SA-459 black reaper TR shotgun: A California company best-known for big game hunting rifles is remaking its image, and defensive arms, especially shotguns, are an important part of the picture. Hunnicutt, Robert W. Feb 1, 2014 2322
UTAS UTS-15 never run out of ammo: if you can't get it done with 15 rounds of 12-gauge, better bring reinforcements. with the UTS-15, firepower will never be your problem. Hunnicutt, Robert W. Jan 20, 2014 2550
Ethos: Benelli uses character to guide function in its new autoloading shotgun. Simpson, Layne Jan 19, 2014 2384
Shotgun pulls trigger. Jan 12, 2014 193
Dual-action 12 gauge: the TriStar semi-auto/pump TEC 12. Bodinson, Holt Dec 24, 2013 1262
'Shotgun fired from close range'. Dec 12, 2013 322
Sino-soviet Saiga Century Arms' New Catamount Fury AK shotgun: it may look a lot like the familiar Russian product, but Fortier says this Chinese self-loader has some distinct advantages, especially for competition. Fortier, David Dec 10, 2013 2424
Dream guns: looking for a spendy side-by-side or over/under? Any of these fine doubles will do. Taylor, John M. Dec 1, 2013 2005
U.S. Sporting Goods, Inc., SARSASP shotgun. Hunnicutt, Robert W. Dec 1, 2013 1431
Iconic Wild West sharpshooter Annie Oakley's hammer shotgun up for auction. Nov 24, 2013 131
Beretta 1301 competition: speed, power and well-thought-out ergonomics should put this new race gun in immediate 3-Gun contention. Nov 21, 2013 1058
Happy anniversary! Remington's 1100 turns 50. Bodinson, Holt Nov 14, 2013 999
Aimpro Tactical Mossberg Model 500. Nov 14, 2013 372
Market versatile shotguns tailored for women. Parsons-Wraith, Lisa Nov 1, 2013 337
Recoil & comfort. Parsons-Wraith, Lisa Nov 1, 2013 252
Gun killer Jamie Bain relaxes at home with his family, just seven years into 22-year life sentence; EXCLUSIVE VICTIM'S FAMILY OUTRAGED ANGUISH FAMILY IN FURY AT SMIRKING ASSASSIN Shotgun murderer Bain all smiles as he poses with his mother, partner, gran and children Killer let out despite offences behind bars. Oct 30, 2013 828
Combination guns: having a shotgun and rifle in your hands makes sense when bird and big-game season overlap. Barsness, John Oct 11, 2013 2333
Turkish precision: it's tough to beat the value and function of Weatherby's SA-08. Gash, Steve Product/service evaluation Oct 1, 2013 839
Beretta USA signs Olympian Kim Rhode. Oct 1, 2013 184
BLOODY REVENGE; SLAUGHTER IN HOLIDAY RESORT VILLA Turkish gardener loads eight shells into pump-action shotgun, kills Anne as she cowers on floor and shoots her mum and son. Sep 11, 2013 860
Remington models 14 & 14-1/2: these Pedersen-designed slide-action rifles were very popular with hunters for decades. Bodinson, Holt Sep 6, 2013 1528
Double duty: the Franchi Affinity proves the days of affordable, versatile semi-autos aren't gone. Fitzpatrick, Brad Product/service evaluation Sep 1, 2013 1166
Upland guns are. Taylor, John M. Brief article Sep 1, 2013 190
Mossberg recruits Duck Commander and family. Autry, J.K. Sep 1, 2013 384
HomeWrecker: your home protector: classic looks and impressive performance are combined in this snubnose 12-gauge autoloader. If you're jaded on plastic furniture and pistol grips, this could be your defense shotgun. Fortier, David M. Aug 10, 2013 2657
Weatherby SA-08 28-gauge deluxe: this little smallbore autoloader shoots as good as it looks. Knowles, Skip Product/service evaluation Aug 1, 2013 1161
Family ties: Browning's Maxus Hunter has impeccable bloodlines. Fitzpatrick, Brad Product/service evaluation Aug 1, 2013 886
Shotguns. Knowles, Skip Aug 1, 2013 1891
10 millionth Mossberg 500. Powell, Linda Jul 31, 2013 484
Mossberg 500 Thunder Ranch survival package! Jul 31, 2013 649
W&C Scott hammer shotgun. James, Garry Interview Jul 16, 2013 181
Winchester model 50. James, Garry Interview Jul 16, 2013 145
The "anything goes" gun. Lamb, Kyle Jul 16, 2013 1673
The Dillinger rifle: depression-era desperados were never short of firepower. Here's a look at a modern recreation of a customized 1907 Winchester used by several of the most legendary gangsters of the time. James, Garry Jul 16, 2013 1877
Salvaging a Remington Model 11 part 6: last time (6/10 issue), Coffield draw-filed the metal to clear off pitting and finished the stock. This time, he uses factory-style hot bluing to finish the metal. Coffield, Reid Jul 10, 2013 4238
Shotguns still a valuable asset. Phillips, Jeremy Jul 1, 2013 1594
Man tells of shotgun threat in flat. Jun 27, 2013 140
Starting early, starting right: Mossberg's unique youth shotguns. Bodinson, Holt Jun 25, 2013 1217
Kids escape unhurt after firing shotgun. Jun 21, 2013 185
Salvaging a Remington Model 11 part 5: last time (5/10 issue), Coffield installed a recoil pad. This time, he sands and finishes the stock and draw-files pits out of the metal. Coffield, Reid Jun 10, 2013 4381
Caesar Guerini's Ellipse EVO: fine Italian craftsmanship is the cornerstone of this gun. Taylor, John M. Product/service evaluation Jun 1, 2013 1050
Benelli M2 tactical: this inertia-driven autoloader will do most of what you need a "do everything" shotgun for. Miller, Payton Product/service evaluation Jun 1, 2013 923
A shotgun approach. Codrea, David May 24, 2013 517
SHOTGUN AND AMMO SEIZED; Two charged after drugs raid leads to firearms. May 13, 2013 289
Gun debate LED by village idiots: ignorance is bliss, but it's no way to run a country. Knox, Jeff May 10, 2013 894
Safari slugger: Steve Popovich may have come up with the last word in big-game shotguns. Boddington, Craig Apr 18, 2013 1121
Aimpro tactical custom hybrid shotgun. Novelozo, Joseph R. Mar 28, 2013 441
Remington Versa Max Sportsman: there's a no-frills, economical version of Remington's groundbreaking, twin-piston gas gun. Miller, Payton Mar 22, 2013 871
Man on shotgun charge. Mar 21, 2013 170
Salvaging a Remington Model 11: last time (2/10 issue), he cleaned up and bead-blasted the metal. This time, he inlets and glass-beds the buttstock and fore-end. Coffield, Reid Mar 10, 2013 4066
Turkey gun extreme: legacy's escort 12-gauge self-loading gun smooths out heavy-duty shotshells. Bodinson, Holt Mar 1, 2013 1246
Blast from the past: take a trip back to when a double meant two triggers and two barrels, not two ducks. Johnson Mar 1, 2013 1583
Mossberg's M-930: from the field to competition, this is one tough gun. Gash, Steve Product/service evaluation Feb 26, 2013 778
New Jersey's Answer To Newtown: Ban Shotguns, Hunting Ammo, Give Nurses Power To Seize Guns??? Feb 11, 2013 539
Salvaging a Remington Model 11 part 1: Coffield asked a retailer buddy if he had a project gun for sale. Boy, did he. Here's a series that covers heavy-duty restoration. Coffield, Reid Feb 10, 2013 4130
Shotgun stolen in house burglary. Feb 9, 2013 116
HOME GUARD; Builder finds arsenal of 30 shotguns and ammo in the walls of house. Jan 24, 2013 425
Mossberg & Miculeks dominate. Powell, Linda Jan 19, 2013 276
Century Arms' PW87 an affordable lever-action 12 gauge built for fun: Fortier used to amuse friends with his original; he finds that a Chinese copy is still lots of fun. Fortier, David M. Jan 10, 2013 3125
Army, Marine Corps succeed in rapidly fielding specialized individual weapons. Parsons, Dan Jan 1, 2013 873
Iver Johnson PAS-12 RG-R/C shotgun: here's a lightweight home-defense shotgun that breaks down into a small package for travel or preparedness. Hunnicutt, Robert W. Jan 1, 2013 1594
Stoeger. Jan 1, 2013 170
Federal's new tactical load is No.1: more than 15 years ago, Cotey wrote an article proposing a charge of No. 1 buck, driven at moderate velocity, as the ideal defensive shotgun load. Now you can buy it from federal. Cotey, Gus, Jr. Dec 20, 2012 4951
Basic instinct. Genzel, Joe Brief article Dec 1, 2012 103
First class SL: testing the Three Sisters' latest over/under. Fitzpatrick, Brad Product/service evaluation Dec 1, 2012 946
Bolt rifle meets AR magazines: Mossberg's sensational MVP varminter. Bodinson, Holt Nov 14, 2012 1086
Escort Supreme 20 gauge left- and right-handed semi-auto shotgun. Moreau, Jason Nov 14, 2012 132
Remington Model 11 crack. Coffield, Reid Interview Nov 10, 2012 176
Hernon Manufacturing Unveils Shotgun Ammunition Sealing Machine. Nov 7, 2012 396
Retro beauty: CZ-USA's Ringneck continues a classic combination. Gash, Steve Product/service evaluation Nov 1, 2012 882
Shoot where you look: tips on fine-tuning a shotgun so it fits you precisely. Taylor, John M. Nov 1, 2012 1981
Mossberg rewards triple crown winners. Autry, J.K. Nov 1, 2012 308
Start a revolution. Genzel, Joe Brief article Oct 26, 2012 113
Shotgun sights, rifle bores: an excellent "real world" shotgun optic and a high-tech borescope top the list of cool shooting items this month. Boddington, Craig Oct 21, 2012 1133
Beretta DT-11: the company's new flagship competition gun will shoot up to any level you can take it. Miller, Payton Oct 21, 2012 741
The DT11: Beretta rolls out a champ. Bodinson, Holt Oct 17, 2012 1414
The future is flexible: especially with the new Mossberg FLEX 500 12-gauge shotgun. Bodinson, Holt Oct 1, 2012 1248
Izhmash IZSL-433A Saiga 12 shotgun: maybe this odd-looking shotgun has finally found its place in the fast-growing sport of 3-Gun shooting. Oct 1, 2012 2027
Remington's masterpiece: the venerable 870 shotgun. Smith, Clint Sep 27, 2012 1103
Identification & values. James, Garry Sep 23, 2012 1701
TNR Gold Completes Drill Program, Confirms Mineralization Model And Expands Target Area At The Shotgun Gold Project In Alaska. Sep 6, 2012 980
Smooth operator. Genzel, Joe Brief article Sep 1, 2012 116
Special purpose! Remington's workhorse Versa Max autoloader has two cool variants--Tactical and Waterfowl. Boddington, Craig Product/service evaluation Sep 1, 2012 2351
Shotguns. Taylor, John M. Aug 31, 2012 994
Italian Instinct: the SL and L over/unders offer quality at a reasonable price. Taylor, John M. Product/service evaluation Aug 29, 2012 1043
Zombie gun: Mossberg 500 ZMB: a "street howitzer" for the undead. Sweeney, Patrick Aug 1, 2012 2405
Stoeger M3500. Knowles, Skip Product/service evaluation Jul 27, 2012 137
Weatherby SA-08. Knowles, Skip Product/service evaluation Jul 27, 2012 124
CZ 712 ALS. Knowles, Skip Product/service evaluation Jul 27, 2012 137
Benelli Super Black Eagle II. Knowles, Skip Product/service evaluation Jul 27, 2012 110
Franchi instinct. Knowles, Skip Product/service evaluation Jul 27, 2012 119
Browning A5. Knowles, Skip Product/service evaluation Jul 27, 2012 114
Winchester super X3. Knowles, Skip Product/service evaluation Jul 27, 2012 149
Beretta A400 & A300. Knowles, Skip Product/service evaluation Jul 27, 2012 224
Franchi Affinity. Knowles, Skip Product/service evaluation Jul 27, 2012 113
Mossberg Flex 500 & 935 Magnum. Knowles, Skip Product/service evaluation Jul 27, 2012 176
Remington Versa Max. Knowles, Skip Product/service evaluation Jul 27, 2012 154
Do-it-all ultra light: Benelli's 20-gauge will put you on feathers and fur alike. Thoms, Jerry Product/service evaluation Jul 20, 2012 814
General Kalashnikov's shotgun: this AK-style 12 gauge is gaining a following among 3-gun shooters and predator hunters. Bodinson, Holt Jul 5, 2012 1168
Play Station nights almost turned deadly after man shot his cousin with shotgun. Jul 2, 2012 555
Defensive shotgun. Williams, Ken M. Jun 19, 2012 150
M4 contract goes to Remington. Dolbee, Kimberly Jun 19, 2012 111
Verona challenge 20-gauge shotgun. Hunnicutt, Robert W. Jun 1, 2012 1425
Remington awarded army M4/M4A1 contract. Jun 1, 2012 176
TNR Gold Announces Long Term Debt Financing and Shotgun Gold Project Drill Program. May 31, 2012 1025
Slugging along: it's not your father's pumpkin ball: State-of-the-art sabot projectiles have radically increased the big-game effectiveness of shotguns. Boddington, Craig May 19, 2012 1358
Weapons that bring terror to Merseyside; SHOTGUNS. May 16, 2012 178
Basic instinct. Genzel, Joe Brief article May 15, 2012 108
Gun of a light time: Beretta's A400 Xplor Light will suit the serious uplander. Taylor, John M. Product/service evaluation May 12, 2012 855
SON DUE IN COURT OVER DAD'S SHOTGUN KILLING; Man, 33, quizzed after farm shooting horror. May 8, 2012 466
A pump for every purpose: shotgun approach: Mossberg's modular flex brings adaptability and interchangeability to an entirely new level. Metcalf, Dick Apr 19, 2012 1777
Seductive shorty: 1891 Argentine part 4 Mauser carbine: last time (3/10 issue), Coffield finished inletting the barreled action and installed the nose cap. This time, he finishes shaping the stock. Coffield, Reid Apr 10, 2012 3697
Which way does the wind blow? some thoughts on shotguns, storm fronts and weathervanes. Bequette, Jim Editorial Mar 1, 2012 390
Browning A5: after more than a century, the classic autoloading shotgun gets a 21st-century update. Miller, Payton Product/service evaluation Mar 1, 2012 834
The Benelli Legacy 28-gauge: if a "little" shotgun is supposed to be fun, this one is a true delight. Thoms, Jerry Mar 1, 2012 760
Remington announces L.E. contracts for 870s. Mar 1, 2012 130
Don't choke: when to use high-performance choke tubes ... and when not to. Brezny, L.P. Mar 1, 2012 1337
725 Citori Over/Under shotgun. Feb 7, 2012 106
12-gauge AR? Akdal MKA 1919 shotgun: there seems to be no limit to what can be made to look like an AR-15, and now the breed has expanded into scatterguns. Hunnicutt, Robert W. Feb 1, 2012 2138
Extractors got it backwards. Brief article Feb 1, 2012 120
Shotgun safari: a brace of new Franchi shotguns- an elegant over/under and an inertia-driven autoloader- proves itself in Kenya. Simpson, Layne Product/service evaluation Feb 1, 2012 1517
SAWN-OFF SHOTGUNS HIDDEN IN GANGSTER ERIC'S SOFA; Spanish court told of gun haul. Jan 30, 2012 532
Mossberg drives turkey-hunting sales. Thurman, Russ Jan 1, 2012 129
101st Brigade issued new Shotgun. Padula, Joe Jan 1, 2012 541
So you want a shotgun? The SRM 1216 12-gauge, 16-shot semi-auto might be for you. Smith, Clint Dec 21, 2011 1281
Shotguns: for Western Upland birds: hey buddy, you interested in a super deal on a Western hunt? Barsness, John Dec 21, 2011 2102
Shotgun appeal rejected. Dec 3, 2011 208
Slugfest! Technological and tactical advances have changed the way we pursue whitetails with shotguns, and hunters are taking notice. Metcalf, Dick Dec 1, 2011 1728
Winchester Repeating Arms. Smith, Roxanne Dec 1, 2011 391
Remington Arms. Smith, Roxanne Dec 1, 2011 439
The Super Vinci: Benelli's self-loader delivers. Barsness, John Nov 22, 2011 1844
Action figures: why confine yourself to the same style of deer gun every year when there are plenty of options available? This season, add some more action to your hunt! Howlett, Doug Nov 1, 2011 1192
Baserri shotguns: "tested for strength--admired for beauty.". Bodinson, Holt Oct 29, 2011 1165
Ati Talon Tactical Shotgun Stock. Oct 10, 2011 112
Strolling side-by-side, with elegance: the Fausti 28-gauge DEA SL shotgun. Barsness, John Oct 4, 2011 1976
Shotguns, spray, and smoke: regulating atmospheric deposition of pollutants under the Clean Water Act. Antony, Anil J. Sep 22, 2011 25753
A natural evolution: think there's nothing new under the black gun sun? check out this new AR variant from SIG. Kokalis, Peter G. Product/service evaluation Sep 20, 2011 6784
Getting more bang! Out of your Saiga-12: this 12-gauge AK has been surprisingly successful, and Fortier says a couple of new accessories can make shooting it even more fun. Fortier, David M. Sep 10, 2011 3246
Mossberg introduces five-gun training set. Sep 1, 2011 103
Shoot where you look: make sure your shotgun's stock fits your cheek and shoulder. Taylor, John M. Sep 1, 2011 1122
Shotguns. Taylor, John M. Aug 30, 2011 1194
Shotgun Party is almost over; Country-swing band set to play Nick's Bar on its final tour. Aug 26, 2011 701
KOFS Emperor shotgun. Hunnicutt, Robert W. Aug 1, 2011 1169

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