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Neal Knox: The Gun Rights War.

Edited by Chris Knox.

Paperbound, 384 p.

MacFarlane Press, Box 84015, Dept. SGN, Phoenix, AZ 85071.



When Neal Knox died almost five years ago, his obituary in the American Rifleman was a few short sentences, a telling illustration of how the victors get to write history. His real influence on the NRA and the gun issue in this country would require a book, and fortunately, one is now available. The Gun Rights War collects Knox writings from 1970 to 2000, and these make a fine basic course in NRA history and gun politics in those three decades. Knox was in the middle of both, and if the funds and energy spent suppressing him had been expended against the enemy, we'd probably all be carrying concealed machine guns by now.

Remington Rolling Block Rifles, Carbines & Shotguns Sporting & Target Rifles.

By Roy Marcot.

Hardbound, 330 p.

North Cape Publications, Box 1027, Dept. SGN, Tustin, Calif. 92781.


($165 deluxe edition).


There had been plenty of books on the Rolling Block. but none have focused so exclusively on the Remington-made commercial guns and none have been as luxuriously printed as this one. Roy Marcot is the top man on Remington history, and has spent many years in the archives at the Ilion plant. This very exhaustive study of the commercial Rolling Blocks well illustrates the incredible diversity of these rifles, which were chambered for everything from .22 Short to .50-70. Four-color illustrations of the guns themselves are complemented by' lots of period photos of Rolling Blocks being used in hunting, target shooting and plinking. Also covered are modifications made by various frontier gunsmiths like Freund & Bro., Carlos Gove and John P Lower. This is a book that's both informative and a pleasure to look at.

The Knee Mortars of Japan.

By Mark Strange and Doss White.

Paperbound, 68 p.

Doss White, Box 6, Dept. SGN,. Eva, AL 35621.



Peter Kokalis covered Japanese "knee" mortars in magisterial style here (1/10/09). But if that only left you wanting to know more, here's a well-illustrated little book that covers the breed exhaustively. Both the mortars and their ammunition and the various accessories that came with it are examined in detail, with plenty of clear black-and-white illustrations and diagrams. As the authors point out, there are still plenty of these in people's attics, and they are classed as destructive devices unless deactivated to BATFE standards.
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Title Annotation:Neal Knox: The Gun Rights War; Remington Rolling Block Rifles, Carbines & Shotguns Sporting & Target Rifles; The Knee Mortars of Japan
Publication:Shotgun News
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Date:Oct 20, 2009
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