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Shorter was better.

You can count me and my son among the readers who do not like the new format. I read several other journals, and all of them are too thick and contain articles that are too long to finish in one sitting. I have always depended on Science News to fit that niche. I have typically taken it from the mailbox and read it immediately over my next meal. Interruptions would not matter because the shortness of the pieces allowed for that. Now I have another journal to add to the pile of journals with articles too long to finish right now. Longer articles are available everywhere. Only Science News had short, well-done, interesting pieces on all different science areas. I miss it.


Several readers have complained about articles being longer than in the pre-redesigned Science News. In fact, article lengths have not substantially changed. Nearly all features now are in the same word-count range as in the old magazine, except for "Story One," which is actually a shorter feature at the front of the magazine. With occasional exceptions, news stories are generally about the same length as in the old magazine, or shorter. The short "Of Note" articles from the back of the old magazine now appear with other news articles as short stories, photo captions or briefs, often shorter than before.--TOM SIEGFRIED
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Author:Lederman, Sally Ann; Siegfried, Tom
Publication:Science News
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Aug 30, 2008
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