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Obama chooses Biden for VP USA--Barack Obama has chosen long-time Delaware Senator Joe Biden to be his running mate, according to CNN. The buzz around Biden intensified after he returned from spending two days in the Republic of Georgia. Biden was a contender in this year's Democratic primaries and also ran for president in 1988. Iran to put man in space in 10 years IRAN--Reza Taghipour, head of Iran's aerospace organization, says, "One of the aims of Iran's 10-year space program is to send a manned rocket into space. Within the next six months to one year, the exact date of this mission will be determined." Even though US officials have said the rocket Iran launched last week ultimately failed, they have noted Iran's pursuit of the technology is troubling as it could be used for weapons delivery in addition to space exploration. Charles Vick, a senior analyst for, a research group, has said that Iran's launch, while failing to reach its intended position, has yielded data that will help them perfect their experimental launching system. UK government loses 10,000 criminal records UK--The Home Office has admitted another failure. A contractor trusted with the responsibility of the memory stick holding all criminal records seems to have misplaced it. A consultant PA believes it also holds the information of 84,000 prisoners in UK. A spokeswoman from the Home Office gave details revealing the loss and she went on to reveal that further information is from the Police National Computer of roughly 30,000 criminals with six or more convictions in the last year. Shadow Home Secretary Dominic Grieve said taxpayers would be "absolutely outraged" if the loss led to big compensation payouts to the criminals involved. US has highest infant mortality rate among wealthy nations USA--According to the CIA's World Fact Book, the US has the highest rate of infant mortality of the 23 wealthiest nations, with Memphis leading in infant deaths. A baby dies every 43 hours there, most from poor black families. Karen Durham, manager of a mission using volunteer mentors for pregnant women in Memphis, says, "We are really in a critical state on infant mortality. We have children having children and they need to know that somebody is there to walk beside them." Dr Sheldon Korones, founder of a neonatal unit for the poor, says, "Wherever there is a high concentration of Afro-Americans...there is a higher infant mortality rate. So is it a racial issue? It seems to be preponderant among black babies."

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Publication:The Star (Amman, Jordan)
Date:Aug 25, 2008
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