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For Sale: Studio Apartment with stepfather SWEDEN--A studio apartment overlooking the Sa...dermalm district of Stockholm has been advertised for sale--complete with the stepfather who won't move out or let anyone in to view the property. The current owner of the property inherited the apartment from her mother who passed away several years ago. When her step-father defied a court order to vacate the property she opted to sell it with him in it. "[It could get] very messy. Whoever buys the flat will have to organize the current tenant's eviction, as clearly outlined in the advertisement we ran in the weekend's papers," said lawyer Mats Ljungquist. Lamborghini shipped for an oil check QATAR--The owner of a Au190,000 black and gold Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 has paid Au20,000 to have the vehicle shipped to the UK for an oil check, a round trip of 6,500 miles. Juliet Jarvis, a spokesperson for Lamborghini UK, said that such incidents are "not unheard of" but that in this case the servicing had not taken place at one of its facilities. The incident has drawn the ire of environmentalists. "The pollution from driving a Lamborghini is bad enough, but flying one thousands of miles for a service is taking climate-wrecking behavior to new heights," said a Friends of the Earth transport campaigner Tony Bosworth. A Step closer to invisibility device USA--Previously, scientists have been able to make two dimensional objects invisible by redirecting light to create a cloak. New research to be shown in "Science" and "Nature" indicate that scientists have figured out how to cloak 3-dimensional objects. Xiang Zhang is leading the team of scientists at the University of CA, Berkeley. Metamaterials, which consist of circuit board and metal materials, allow the scientists to create cloaks around the objects. Teflon and ceramic are metamaterials. Metamaterials allow the scientists to bend light so shadows and reflections don't appear. The next step is the ability to cloak objects and people. This could have military applications and the US Army is helping fund this research project. 40m credit card numbers hacked USA--The Justice Department announced that they have in custody 11 people accused of hacking nine major US retailers and stealing over 40 million credit card numbers. This is the largest hacking case the Justice Dept has ever tried to prosecute. Of the 11 in custody, Albert "Segvec" Gonzalez, Christopher Scott and Damon Patrick Toey live in Miami, three come from Ukraine, three come from Estonia, two come from China and one is from Belarus. There is one person involved who has not been found. The accused installed "Sniffer" programs into the wireless computer networks of retailers including Barnes & Noble, Sports Authority, Office Max, BJ'S wholesale club, and TJ Maxx among others.

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Publication:The Star (Amman, Jordan)
Date:Aug 18, 2008
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