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Short-Term Financing Tool., a treasury Web site pioneered by SEI Investments, has launched the Optimizer, an advanced analytical tool that helps treasurers improve short-term investing and borrowing decisions based on lowest cost or best return. After four years of research, development and a successful beta trial with Sealy Corp., which continues as a client, the Optimizer is now available for subscription.

TreasuryPoint calls the Optimizer "a sophisticated artificial intelligence decision-making support tool." Using daily information about a company's financial situation that the treasurer inputs, plus live feeds from current rate and financial market data sources, the Optimizer analyzes a company's short-term investing or borrowing choices and calculates its optimal choices over a one- to 90-day period. The product's recommendations resulted in lower cost of funds and increased investment returns in all live tests and historical case studies.

"We were looking for a better way to manage our cash, and about three months ago we heard about the Optimizer's 30-day free trial offer," said Tom Riley, director of finance of Pacific Coast Feather Co., a Seattle-based maker of bedding products. "Its performance and results have exceeded expectations. After inputting our cash flow forecasts, the Optimizer returns a recommendation in minutes. It has helped make our decisions quicker and smarter, and has added discipline to our treasury process."

In addition to the Optimizer, features up-to-the-minute treasury market data, expert commentary and editorial and educational content targeted to corporate treasury professionals. also recently planned to add a trading platform for institutional money market funds.
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Date:Mar 1, 2001
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