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Short narratives.

29 Jan 07--An AW2 assigned to Surface Rescue Swimmer School died when he failed to negotiate a turn on his motorcycle. He was traveling at excessive speed.

21 Jan 07--A staff sergeant from 4TH MAW, MACG48, MASS 6 was riding with a group of motorcyclists when he failed to make a turn. His bike struck a guardrail, and he was hit by the motorcyclist following him.

13 Jan 07--An AO3 from HS-7 was killed in a motorcycle mishap.

08 Jan 07--An HM2 with the Naval Survival Training Institute was riding his motorcycle at high speed when he hit the back of an SUV and suffered fatal injuries.

26 Dec 06--A Marine private attached to CNATT Unit Lemoore lost control of his motorcycle in Crosby, Texas, and suffered fatal injuries.

24 Dec 06--An RP3 from NatNavMedCen Bethesda died from injuries he received in a motorcycle accident near Rocky Mount, N.C.

16 Dec 06--A PFC from H & S CO, Marine Corps Security Force Battalion, was riding his motorcycle in Norfolk when an SUV hit and killed him.

09 Nov 06--A sergeant from MARCENT HQ was killed in a motorcycle wreck in Northdale, Fla. He lost control in a curve.

05 Nov 06--A lieutenant lost control of his motorcycle in Washington state and was ejected into the path of a car that hit him. He suffered fatal injuries.

04 Nov 06--An AOAN from VFA-147 lost control of his motorcycle while doing wheelies in a neighborhood and suffered fatal injuries.
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Date:Mar 22, 2007
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