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Short dough-forming machines.

Short Dough-Forming Machines

The Baked Products Division of APV Baker Ltd at Westfield Road, Peterborough, tel: 0733 262000 has developed a range of short dough-forming machines, including several types of rotary moulder employing standard technology configured to suit customer requirements.

Model 82 BA rotary moulder offers a low cost option for producing short dough biscuits at modest output levels for custard cream and digestive biscuits. It is made in 800 and 1000mmm widths. This range also includes a soft dough rotary moulder that can form doughs considerably softer than those handled by traditional moulders - a wire cut cookie can be formed on this machine!

Their 2100 wire cut/rout press/depositor represents their latest technological achievement. The wire cut/rout press version includes a filler block system that maintains uniform dough pressure from the nip of the grooved forcing rolls to the forming die/nozzle; this gives even weight control across the oven band. Their depositor version uses a compression box to deliver measured amounts of dough to the band surface, and it is available with a swirl attachment to produce fancy butter cookie-type products.
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Title Annotation:APV Baker Ltd.'s Baked Products Division develops new product
Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Jul 1, 1991
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