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Short and Tall Tales.

Lilian Jackson Braun. 2002. Read by George Guidall. 2 tapes. 1.5 hrs. Recorded Books, #97195. 1-4025-3036-6. $20.00. Vinyl; plot, reader notes. SA

James Mackintosh Qwilleran, a fictitious detective featured in the author's The Cat Who ... mystery series, lives in Pickax with his feline assistants, Koko and Yum Yum. Qwill, as he is affectionately known, has gathered 27 tales pertinent to Moose County, unusual and eclectic folklore handed down from generation to generation. It's a small rural community, and everyone has a story. There are accounts of green lights, and people vanishing or people who have committed suicide only to reappear on stairs that are no longer there. One tale tells of an eccentric old lady who terrorizes the town with her hedge clippers. One of the more engaging tales is of a mining town that disappears. Another tells of a 15-year-old who walks three miles to the grocery store and buys from the list his mother furnishes only to have to use one of the cans to scare a moaning apparition. The lad is reluctant to tell his mother the truth. The stories are very short, so listeners need only wait a minute and the next one appears. Sherri Forgash Ginsberg, Chapel Hill, NC
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Author:Ginsberg, Sherri Forgash
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Date:May 1, 2003
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