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* MARS EXPLORERS WANTED! Does it seem like adults get to do all the cool science stuff? Here's a chance to get in on the action. NASA and Arizona State University will recruit middle and high school students to help operate their new Mars research facility in Tempe, Ariz. For more information, contact the Mars Outreach Program at 480-727-6495.

* OUT OF SIGHT By 2003, the Canary Islands off Africa's west coast will become home to the world's largest telescope, its "eye" is a 10-meter (32.8-foot) "supermirror," pieced together with 36 hexagonal (six-sided) ceramic glass pieces. The new telescope will give viewers a peek at the most distant planets in the universe.
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Title Annotation:Mars Outreach Program; world's largest telescope to be installed on Canary Islands
Publication:Science World
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Date:Jan 22, 2001
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