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Short Takes.


Want to combat the smoggy air of L.A., Dallas, or other polluted U.S. cities? Try an oxygen bar. For $1 per minute, customers can inhale healthy doses of pure [O.sub.2]. They breathe in oxygen through a nasal tube connected to a tank. Once in the bloodstream, the gas oxygenates the blood and helps convert food into energy.


In the past eight years, students at Akron Central School in Buffalo, New York, have recycled enough paper and cardboard to save 2,500 trees. Now more than 150 of the school's sixth-graders are trying to come up with a new recycling logo to replace the official "three arrow" design. Why not try your own hand at creating a new recycling logo?


Students at California's Webb School came up with a brainstorm to stop their cafeteria leftovers from clogging up already-stuffed landfills. They adopted three piglets to eat lunch remains. Talk about a pig-out!
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Publication:Science World
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Date:Apr 10, 2000
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