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Shopping: Bookwise: Shari Low rounds up the best new reads.

Byline: Shari Low

Pilates For Life by Darcey Bussell Published by Penguin Books

ANOTHER year, another long list of resolutions that most of us will have forgotten by the middle of January.

But just in case you're really serious about making long-term lifestyle changes, whether it's packing in the ciggies or moulding your body to that of the average super-model, here are three self-help guides that'll put you on the road to physical perfection.

Darcey Bussell is best known for her triumphs in the world of ballet. Now a mum of two, she practises the exercise techniques of Pilates to keep her body in optimum shape.

In Pilates For Life, Bussell has combined easy-to-understand exercises and stunning photographs to explain her regime and has tailored programmes for every level from beginner to advanced. Now there are no more excuses.

You don't have to join a gym or even leave the house to work that body into a finely-tuned machine - just close the curtains, take a deep breath and, according to this book, 'in 30 sessions, you'll certainly have a whole new body'.

The Traffic Light Diet by Judith Wills Published by Orion Books IS 2005 the year you're finally going to banish the bulge?

In the last few years, we've had the Zone, the Atkins, The South Beach, The Cabbage Soup...

could go on until 2006. Now one of the country's leading diet experts, Judith Wills, has added a new tome to the lifestyle bookshelves that are already groaning under the weight of countless diet books.

The Traffic Light diet purports to be the most simple diet ever. It doesn't omit any food groups from the table, there's no counting of points or pulling out the scales ever time you fancy a sticky bun.

Instead, it's a balanced, healthy regime that is suitable for the whole family and couldn't be easier to follow.

A wide range of foods are listed and each one is given a rating of green - eat as much as you like, amber - eat moderate amounts, or red - eat only occasionally in small quantities.

So throw out those selection boxes and feast on this instead - the zip on your jeans will thank you for it.

Packing It In The Easy Way by Allen Carr Published by Penguin Books

ALLEN CARR was once an accountant with a 100-a-day cigarette habit. As his father lay in hospital dying of lung cancer, Carr promised him he would quit smoking for ever.

But when he left the hospital, the first thing he did was light a cigarette.

He feared he would be a smoker until he inevitably reached a premature death, but one day a comment made by a hypnotist gave him an unprecedented clarity that resulted in him not only quitting the weed, but turning his freedom from addiction into a new career.

Over the next few years, he established a clinic to help others stop smoking, wrote the international bestseller The Easy Way To Stop Smoking and honed his technique to such effectiveness that it now has a 95 per cent success rate.

This is his frank, fascinating and ultimately inspirational story.

And if you're determined to stub out the nicotine sticks, then picking up this book is a great place to start.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jan 8, 2005
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