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Shoppers enlist tech tools to get best deals.

LEWISVILLE, Texas -- Today's shoppers are utilizing technology to help them find the best products at the best prices, according to results of an annual survey conducted by Blackhawk Engagement Solutions, an international incentives and engagement company.

The survey reveals that customers are developing more beneficial shopping patterns for themselves by harnessing connected technologies that allow them to simplify and optimize the path to their purchases.

Blackhawk's shopper research surveyed more than 2,500 respondents nationally to uncover the ways they pre-shop, discover and filter options. It explored the devices they use, their influences along the multiple paths to purchase, and the many ways retailers and marketers can disrupt those paths.

"Gone are the days of retailers only worrying about keeping up with their competitors," said Rodney Mason, global vice president of marketing at Blackhawk Engagement Solutions. "Today, the key to winning at retail is keeping up with your customers.

"By charting where shoppers are landing as they explore new shopping territories, retail marketers can position their businesses in front of the competition and closer to targeted and underserved customers."

A key finding from the Blackhawk survey is that the smartphone is the most prevalent Internet device, with 71% of shoppers using one daily. Following smartphones are laptops at 66%, desktop computers at 50% and tablets at 43%.

The research also found that television watching and Internet shopping are closely linked, with 58% of consumers shopping at home while watching television, and 47% learning about products, special sales and shopping news from TV, according to Blackhawk.

Finally, shopping at work, the survey found, is also significant, with 37% of consumers admitting to shopping while at work.

Overall, the study determined that the peak time for online shopping is from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Mobile technology, according to Blackhawk, changes how customers shop not only online but also in stores. Showrooming is now an ingrained behavior, with 19% of shoppers reporting that they purchase competitors' products on their smartphones while standing in stores.

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Title Annotation:TECHNOLOGY
Publication:Chain Drug Review
Date:Aug 10, 2015
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