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Shooting Industry's annual airgun review 1993.

Most of the products you stock in your store can be used for more than one purpose, from hunting to "plinking" to self defense. For each of these purposes, however, there is some segment of the "gun grabber" crowd which claims firearms are too dangerous and should not be legal for that particular activity.

There is, however, one segment of the shooting industry that is always "politically correct": airguns. No one can claim that a BB gun or pellet gun was ever designed for anything but pure enjoyment.

If you're going to stock airguns in your store, you need to be aware of all the new products and trends in the market today. In order to keep you informed, Shooting Industry magazine presents this year's round-up of airgun products.


For precision airgun shooting, Beeman provides a full line of airgun products from the highly accurate Feinwerkbau 601 -- an Olympic-quality air rifle with adjustable cheek-piece walnut stock and single stroke pump action -- to the rechargeable Air Wolf and Wolf Pu -- designed for hours of shooting fun.

Beeman also offers a full line of air handguns from the match-grade Feinwerkbau Models C20, C25, and 102 to the P1 Magnum, now available in .20 caliber.

Also available from Beeman is a full line of airgun pop-up and swinging targets to keep your customers' down-range time to a minimum and give as much shooting time as possible.


On many a long afternoon of easy shooting you'll find Crosman airguns are the guns of choice. New from Crosman this year is the 10/77 RepeatAir rifle, the first semiautomatic air rifle, which features a patented multi-shot rotary clip. This gun will delight serious airgunners and first-time shooters alike. The 10/77 will be available in the fall of 1993.

For serious shooters, Crosman offers the Model 262, a C|O.sub.2~-powered pellet rifle chambered in .177, suitable for target shooting and small pest control. This single-shot rifle comes with an adjustable rear sight and a two-stage trigger for the highest degree of accuracy.

Crosman continues to offer its popular line of pneumatic handguns, including the 1008 RepeatAir. The 1008 -- a look-alike version of the Smith & Wesson 10mm pistol -- features SA/DA operation, an eight-shot rotary clip, and is available with a handy carrying case.

Crosman also offers a full line of airgun ammunition with their high-quality Copperhead line, setting the standard in pellet and BB accuracy, as well as an extensive catalog of airgun targets and sights.


For a full-line of both C|O.sub.2~ and pump-action airguns, dealers and customers alike come to Benjamin/Sheridan. Available in .177, .20, and .22 calibers, these guns feature accuracy, dependability, and affordability.

Paintball products too are a Benjamin/Sheridan specialty. The new Sheridan P68-SC stock class paintball gun with its 15-shot magazine and pump action is designed to put the challenge back into the game; the VM 68 semiautomatic is state-of-the-art paintball at its finest with one of the fastest actions on the market. If you are trying to attract the paintball customer, Benjamin/Sheridan won't let you down.


The first name in American airguns is undoubtedly Daisy, with a wide selection of products for all interests and age groups.

New from Daisy are two new air pistols, the Model 228 and the Model 500 Raven. The 228 is the perfect first airgun for young target shooters, featuring single-stroke air power, a repeating BB magazine, and tough resin construction. For the more serious shooter, the Model 500 Raven adds the rugged styling of a Beretta 92 to the fun of airgun shooting, with C|O.sub.2~ power sending pellets as fast as 500 fps. With a rifled steel barrel and a hammer-block safety, this gun is sure to catch your customers' attention.

For air rifle enthusiasts who want a little of everything, Daisy offers the Model 990 Dual-Power with a unique design which utilizes either C|O.sub.2~ or pneumatic propulsion, giving customers their choice of power resources. The Dual-Power also fires both BBs and .177 caliber pellets, and comes with a dove-tail receiver ready for scope mounting for the ultimate in versatility. This airgun is sure to be a crowd pleaser for years to come.

Apart from their new products, Daisy continues to offer many old favorites, such as the Model 1938 Red Ryder BB gun which is the dream of many a young shooter, and the Model 922.22 caliber five-shot rifle.

A full line of ammunition, targets, and accessories is also available from Daisy to make your store the neighborhood one-stop airgun shop.

Action Arms

With two of the finest names in European airgun manufacturing, Action Arms is the exclusive U.S. importer of airguns from both Brno and CZ.

From Brno comes the model 630 and Deluxe 631 air rifles. The 630 features a spring-powered, barrel-cocking mechanism firing .177 caliber pellets with the kind of accuracy shooters would expect from an airgun costing much more. With an adjustable trigger, adjustable rear sights, and a hooded front sight, this gun is built for serious accuracy. The 630 comes with a European hardwood stock; the 631 features a deluxe checkered stock with a rich walnut stain.

The CZ Model 3 air pistol is also designed with the serious competitor and target shooter in mind. Firing .177 caliber pellets, this match-style pistol can provide hours of shooting fun for just pennies. The Model 3 features an ambidextrous thumbrest stock for the solid hold necessary for one-hole groups, as well as an adjustable trigger, an adjustable rear sight, and a hooded front sight.

Gun South

Haenel air rifles, winners of over 23 Olympic and international gold medals, are available in the U.S. exclusively from Gun South. Now your customers can have the highest European quality and accuracy at a price they can afford. Whether shooting for the gold or just for fun, Haenel rifles will do the job and bring your customers years of satisfaction.

GZ Paintball Sports

If you're selling the hottest action game of the '90s -- paintball -- you can't afford to be without GZ Paintball Sports. Their new GZ Carbon 2000 is one of the best paintball guns available, with semiautomatic action, constant air or quick-change C|O.sub.2~ options, and rugged construction. All GZ products are made in the U.S. Try them and see what this fast-growing sport can do for your store.


With Marksman you can offer your customers a full line of airgun shooting excitement. One of the newest products in the Marksman line-up is the 1015 air pistol, a .177 caliber gun based on the 1010 design. With popular 1911-look-alike styling, the 1015 features a simulated "comp" on the barrel, a frame-mounted safety, and a skeletonized trigger to give the "competition" look. The 1015 utilizes C|O.sub.2~ to fire either BBs, darts, pellets, or bolts.

Marksman also offers the 1700 Series barrel-cocking air rifles with either a classic rifle stock (1740) or an Olympic-style skeletonized stock (1750).

Dynamit Nobel

The exclusive American distributor of Diana, BSA, and El Gamo airguns is Dynamit Nobel-RWS, offering a full line of more than 40 models of the finest quality European air rifles. All RWS products are covered by their full lifetime warranty and are offered at some of the most affordable prices on the market. With over 100 years of airgun technology behind their products, customers have come to trust RWS.

Sportsman Airguns

Sportsman Airguns, a new generation of precision airguns, devotes itself to offering serious shooters an affordable line of accurate and powerful airguns. The .177 caliber QB77 and the .22 caliber QB22 are the first two C|O.sub.2~ air rifles being introduced to the market by Sportsman Airguns. A complete bulk-fill package including adapter, in-line valve, and CGA 320 nut is included. The guns are also available with either 3 1/2, 7, or 10 oz. Parker cylinders.
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