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Shooting Industry's 1989 Show Off award winners.


By promoting in unique fashion, or by creating a show environment that brought considerable attention to a product or service at the 1989 S.H.O.T. SHOW, the companies featured on the following pages demonstrated an outstanding ability to "show-off." As recognized and presented by a nearly impartial panel of judges from Shooting Industry magazine.

ABOUT THE WINNERS... 1. We're not sure if Wideview's best attraction was the trap shooting simulation or the girls that ran it. 2. Donna Edmondson, Playmate of the Year in '87, signs photos from Nikon's booth. 3. Sports Souths "Hottest Sales in the South" promo was "well done." 4. Remington's "department store" included daily fashion shows. 5. SI's Nick Souleles presents award to Sigarms Ted Rowe. 6. Another winner for Bob Grueskin and Springfield Armory. 7. Randy Men and J.L. Chin of China Sports accept award from SI's Bill Hague. 8. Ron Martin of Kodiak can "bearly" contain himself. 9. You just had to be there to appreciate the work that went into Red Head's booth. 10. Dottie Brus of E-A-R was pleased to hear their "freebies" were judged the best. 11. How could we not give Kombi's Miss Shooting Industry (Jaudon McGaha) an award. 12. Becky Benjamine of National Dye Works draws the winner of their Jeep giveaway. 13. The only time during show that Casey Koehler of Chimere wasn't talking to at least three people at the same time. 14. As one of her last official duties, Betty Noonan of Weatherby accepts award for her retirement party. 15. Leanne Gumfory of Degen Knives. 16. Outstanding spokesperson for Bushnell Barabara Mellman. 17. Easily the most fun anyone's ever had presenting an award - Sis Raycraft of Oxy-Therm accepts. 18. Mary Erickson of Davidson's shows-off the "gamms" that got the judges attention. 19. This was the closest we could get to Smith & Wesson's Booth. 20. Jeff Blanski and John Risdall take time out to accept for Magnum Research. 21. Ram Line's booth before the crowds.

PHOTO : 1. Wideview - "Best Booth Attraction."

PHOTO : 2. Nikon - "Best Booth Attraction."

PHOTO : 3. Sports South - "Best Show Promotion."

PHOTO : 4. Remington - "Best Display of Show & Busiest Booth."

PHOTO : 5. Sigarms - "Best Display Big Booth."

PHOTO : 6. Springfield Armory - "Best Display Big Booth."

PHOTO : 7. China Sports - "Best Display Medium Booth."

PHOTO : 8. Kodiak - "Best Display Small Booth."

PHOTO : 9. Red Head - "Best Display Medium Booth."

PHOTO : 10. E-A-R - "Best Freebies."

PHOTO : 11. Kombi - "Best All Around Model."

PHOTO : 12. National Dye Works - "Best Giveaway."

PHOTO : 13. Chimere - "Best Talker."

PHOTO : 14. Weatherby - "Best Party."

PHOTO : 15. Degen - "Best Model."

PHOTO : Bushnell - "Best Spokesperson."

PHOTO : 17. Oxy-Therm - "Best Legs."

PHOTO : 18. Davidson's - "Best Legs."

PHOTO : 19. Smith & Wesson - "Busiest Booth."

PHOTO : 20. Magnum Research - "Busiest Booth."

PHOTO : 21. Ram Line - "Busiest Booth."
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Publication:Shooting Industry
Date:Mar 1, 1989
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