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Shoot down GPS leaks.

Mechanics, leaks are the price you pay for installing the gunner's primary sight (GPS) body the wrong way on an M1-series tank.

Two mistakes you can avoid are sloppy cleanup before installing the GPS body and using the wrong sealant.

You must clean the turret access lip completely before you install the GPS body. That means using putty knives, dry cleaning solvent and lots of rags. Any residue you leave behind will keep the new compound from sealing properly. That means leaks.

Once the GPS body's in place. fill the area between the lip of the body and the turret roof with sealing compound, NSN 8030-00-753-5005. This sealing compound comes in a special 6-oz cartridge that must be applied with sealant gun, NSN 5120-00-952-3507.

The sealant gun has been added to Appendix E. Tools List. in the 20-2-4 TMs. The sealing compound will soon be added to App C of the same TMs.

Do not use any other sealer for this job. Silicone scaler, adhesive, gasket cement or gasket settler will not work. Take no shortcuts and there'll he no leaks.

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