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Shoe Mart unveils Gel Insoles.

Shoe Mart, the leading footwear brand in the region, introduces Dr Kong Bio-Gel Insoles and Protectors across its UAE stores.

These insoles provide tremendous noticeable comfort and promote healthy feet and being with every step you take. Furthermore, they are totally invisible and therefore perfect for wearing with aesthetically glamourous footwear.

Dr Kong Bio-Gel Insoles are designed to maintain your feet's health and wellbeing, and keep them feeling light and looked after. No more sore feet.

The various types of Bio-Gel Comfortable Insoles available at Shoe Mart include Forefoot, Heel or Healthy Insole Cushions; Sore Sports and Heel Shields. Suitable for all types of footwear, these gel insoles are ultra-slim and self-adhesive, and will provide long-lasting comfort with no slipping or rubbing effect. No more issues with uncomfortable shoes.

What's more, these Bio-Gel Comfortable Insoles, with their unique, waved pressure-relief design, go one step further to offer shock absorption, thereby giving you ease from forefoot and heel pain, and allowing you to walk even longer periods without achy tired soles. The insole is ultra-thin and can easily fit in most footwear without ruining the look, and is suitable for both sportswear and party shoes.

The Bio-Gel insoles are specially made from S.E.B.S., a soft and stretchy material similar to human soft tissue that can cushion any impact and absorb large amounts of pressure. They are perfect for any occasion and shoe style.

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Publication:Khaleej Times (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Date:Dec 13, 2013
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