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Shocking trip to vet for Bruce.

Byline: By Gurdip Thandi

A DESPERATE dog short-circuited the electrics of a vet's surgery after relieving himself in a plug socket.

Bruce the collie crossbreed, aged two years and 10 months, found himself needing to go while at the Hillman Group surgery in Brickkiln Street, Brownhills.

The pet pooch's well-aimed wee went straight into a plug socket and knocked out all the electrics in the surgery.

Luckily, chief veterinary surgeon Richard Hillman said a circuit breaker, fitted in the building, merely tripped the power for a short period.

The electrics were out for around 15 minutes and no damage was caused.

But Mr Hillman said the incident, which occurred around four weeks ago in May, should serve as a warning to home owners.

He said: "We have a bit of a problem with where dogs cock their legs in the surgery.

"There are many smells in the waiting room and, sometimes, they just can't resist making their mark.

"This dog just peed straight on to a plug socket and it knocked out all of the electrics, including the computers.

"The dog was fine but, had we not had a residual circuit beaker fitted, it would have been electrocuted."
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Jun 12, 2007
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