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Shocking sodium sources.

More than 75 percent of the sodium we eat comes from restaurants, prepackaged, and processed foods, such as the examples below.

Food                                                             SODIUM

Quiznos Large French Dip Sandwich (1)                             3,610
Panera Bread Full Bacon Turkey Sandwich (1)                       2,800
Papa John's Buffalo Chicken Pizza (2 slices)                      2,100
Denny's Spicy Sriracha Burger (1)                                 2,100
DiGiorno Frozen Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza,Three Meat (2 slices)  1,860
Subway Turkey Italiano Melt Sandwich (1)                          1,490
Panda Express Chow Mein (1 serving)                                 980
Uncle Ben's 5 Grain Medley Quinoa Pilaff! cup)                      850
McDonald's Premium Grilled Chicken Bacon Clubhouse Sandwich (1)     750
Campbell's Mexican Style Chicken Tortilla Soup (1 cup)              670

Source: Restaurant, food company websites
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