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Shock ministry.


Justin Fatica has been known to yell and get hit with folding chairs at youth group presentations, but he is simply trying to help kids realize that God loves them. The Catholic youth minister says he has to be loud to reach kids struggling with depression, suicide, divorce, addiction, and other issues.

Teenagers "are facing this pain every day, and someone needs to take an intense stand in defense of them," Fatica writes of his controversial tactics in his book, Hard as Nails (Doubleday). There's also an HBO documentary about Hard as Nails Ministries (hanm. org), which is based in Syracuse, New York. At retreats throughout the country, Fatica tells youth of his own difficult teenage years before asking them to share their own stories and turn their lives over to God.

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Author:Sweas, Megan
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Date:Jul 1, 2009
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