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Articles from Shock and Vibration (January 1, 2017)

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A Blast-Resistant Method Based on Wave Converters with Spring Oscillator for Underground Structures. Zhang, Yu; Liu, Yuanxue; Wu, Runze; Zhao, Jichang; Hu, Ming; Tan, Yizhong Report 6695
A Comparison Study on Co- and Counterrotating Dual-Rotor System with Squeeze Film Dampers and Intermediate Bearing. Wang, Fei; Luo, Gui-Huo; Yan, Shu; Cui, Hai-Tao Report 5732
A Damaged Constitutive Model for Rock under Dynamic and High Stress State. Li, Yan-Long; Ma, Zong-Yuan Report 3515
A Framework for Extension of Dynamic Finite Element Formulation to Flexural Vibration Analysis of Thin Plates. Elahi, Mohammad M.; Hashemi, Seyed M. Report 5186
A Generalized Demodulation and Hilbert Transform Based Signal Decomposition Method. Hu, Zhi-Xiang; Ren, Wei-Xin; Wang, Zuo-Cai; Jing, Yue-Ling; Yang, Xia Report 5733
A New Approach on Vibrating Horns Design. Guiman, Maria Violeta; Rosca, Ioan Calin Report 6273
A New Method Based on Laplace Transform and Its Application to Stability of Pipe Conveying Fluid. Wen, H.B.; Yang, Y.R.; Li, P.; Li, Y.D.; Huang, Y. Report 4151
A New Vibration Absorber Design for Under-Chassis Device of a High-Speed Train. Sun, Yu; Zhou, Jinsong; Gong, Dao; Sun, Wenjing; Xia, Zhanghui Report 4353
A Normalized Transfer Matrix Method for the Free Vibration of Stepped Beams: Comparison with Experimental and FE(3D) Methods. Sayed, Tamer Ahmed; El-'Farghaly, Said Hamed Report 12634
A Novel Approach of Impulsive Signal Extraction for Early Fault Detection of Rolling Element Bearing. Aijun, Hu; Jianfeng, Lin; Shangfei, Sun; Ling, Xiang Report 4947
A Novel Design of Rescue Capsule considering the Pressure Characteristics and Thermal Dynamic Response with Thermomechanical Coupling Action Subjected to Gas Explosion Load. Zhai, Xiaowei; Wu, Shibo; Wang, Kai; Chen, Xiaokun; Li, Haitao Report 5403
A Novel Fault Diagnosis Model for Bearing of Railway Vehicles Using Vibration Signals Based on Symmetric Alpha-Stable Distribution Feature Extraction. Li, Yongjian; Zhang, Weihua; Xiong, Qing; Lu, Tianwei; Mei, Guiming Report 6122
A Numerical Approach to the Dynamic Response of the Deployment System during a Circular Cylinder Crossing through the Wave Zone. Hu, Xiaozhou; Cai, Daojun; Jiang, Yiyao Report 5501
A Numerical-Experimental Method for Drop Impact Analysis of Composite Landing Gear. Guan, Yongliang; Xue, Zhipeng; Li, Ming; Jia, and Hongguang Report 5436
A Prediction Method of Historical Timber Buildings' Vibrations Induced by Traffic Loads and Its Validation. Zhang, Yunshi; Zhang, Nan; Cao, Yanmei; Xia, He Report 5066
A Reduced-Order Controller Considering High-Order Modal Information of High-Rise Buildings for AMD Control System with Time-Delay. Li, Zuo-Hua; Chen, Chao-Jun; Teng, Jun; Hu, Wei-Hua; Xing, Hou-Bing; Wang, Ying Report 7083
A Robust Vibration Control of a Magnetorheological Damper Based Railway Suspension Using a Novel Adaptive Type 2 Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller. Nguyen, Sy Dung; Jung, Dongsoo; Choi, Seung-Bok Report 9403
A Semiactive and Adaptive Hybrid Control System for a Tracked Vehicle Hydropneumatic Suspension Based on Disturbance Identification. Han, Shousong; Chao, Zhiqiang; Liu, Xiangbo Report 5987
A Sequential Approach to the Biodynamic Modeling of a Human Finger. Knez, Luka; Slavic, Janko; Boltezar, Miha Report 6464
A Signal Decomposition Method for Ultrasonic Guided Wave Generated from Debonding Combining Smoothed Pseudo Wigner-Ville Distribution and Vold-Kalman Filter Order Tracking. Wu, Junhua; Chen, Xinglin; Ma, Zheshu Report 4415
A Spectrum Detection Approach for Bearing Fault Signal Based on Spectral Kurtosis. Li, Yunfeng; Wang, Liqin; Guan, Jian Report 3836
A Study on the Dynamic Behaviour of Lightweight Gears. Shweiki, Shadi; Palermo, Antonio; Mundo, Domenico Report 6218
A Synthetic Solution for Identification and Extraction of the Effective Microseismic Wave Component Using Decomposition on Time, Frequency, and Wavelet Coefficient Domains. Zhang, Mingwei; Meng, Qingbin; Liu, Shengdong; Shimada, Hideki Report 7420
A Time-Frequency Research for Ultrasonic Guided Wave Generated from the Debonding Based on a Novel Time-Frequency Analysis Technique. Wu, Junhua; Ma, Zheshu; Zhang, Yonghui Report 3868
A Transient Dynamic Model of Brake Corner and Subsystems for Brake Creep Groan Analysis. Meng, Dejian; Zhang, Lijun; Xu, Jie; Yu, Zhuoping Technical report 9656
Acoustic Characterization of Fluorinert FC-43 Liquid with Helium Gas Bubbles: Numerical Experiments. Vanhille, Christian; Pantea, Cristian; Sinha, Dipen N. Report 3926
Acoustic Emission Characteristics and Failure Mechanism of Fractured Rock under Different Loading Rates. Zhang, Yongzheng; Wang, Gang; Jiang, Yujing; Wang, Shugang; Zhao, Honghua; Jing, Wenjun Report 7019
Active Control for Multinode Unbalanced Vibration of Flexible Spindle Rotor System with Active Magnetic Bearing. Qiao, Xiaoli; Hu, Guojun Report 4996
Active Hybrid Control Algorithm with Sky-Hook Damping and Lead-Lag Phase Compensation for Multi-DOFs Ultra-Low Frequency Active Vibration Isolation System. Wang, Min; Li, Xiaoqing; Chen, Xuedong Report 7992
Adaptive Active Noise Suppression Using Multiple Model Switching Strategy. Huang, Quanzhen; Chen, Suxia; Huang, Mingming; Guo, Zhuangzhi Report 2835
Adaptive Semiactive Cable Vibration Control: A Frequency Domain Perspective. Chen, Z.H.; Ni, Y.Q. Report 7216
Aeroelastic Optimization Design for High-Aspect-Ratio Wings with Large Deformation. Xie, Changchuan; Meng, Yang; Wang, Fei; Wan, Zhiqiang Report 8658
An Adaptive Spectral Kurtosis Method Based on Optimal Filter. Yang, Yanli; Yu, Ting Report 4014
An Analytical Model of Multiarc Sprag Clutch considering Geometry and Internal Interaction during Engagement. Huang, Chuang; Liu, Ming; Zhao, Yongqiang Report 6318
An Analytical Solution for Predicting the Vibration-Fatigue-Life in Bimodal Random Processes. Han, Chaoshuai; Ma, Yongliang; Qu, Xianqiang; Yang, Mindong Report 6633
An Electromechanical Pendulum Robot Arm in Action: Dynamics and Control. Kadjie, A. Notue; Tuwa, P.R. Nwagoum; Woafo, Paul Technical report 6228
An Enhanced Factor Analysis of Performance Degradation Assessment on Slurry Pump Impellers. Sun, Shilong; Tse, Peter W.; Tse, Y.L. Report 5874
An Experimental Research on the Vibration of Surface-Textured Journal Bearings. Dong, Jian; Wang, Xiaojing; Zhang, Jin; Xiang, Xiaoqing; Nie, Zhou; Shen, Jiexi Report 4448
An Improved Fourier Series Method for the Free Vibration Analysis of the Three-Dimensional Coupled Beams. Zhang, Runze; Cao, Yipeng; Zhang, Wenping; Li, Hongbo; Li, Xiangmei Technical report 4767
An Improved Multiobjective Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Using Minimum Distance of Point to Line. Zhengwu Wang; Tie Cheng; Zhi Li; Fengshou Guoxing Gu Report 7600
An Observer-Based Controller with a LMI-Based Filter against Wind-Induced Motion for High-Rise Buildings. Chen, Chao-Jun; Li, Zuo-Hua; Teng, Jun; Hu, Wei-Hua; Wang, Ying Report 6883
Analysis and Testing of Load Characteristics for Rotary-Percussive Drilling of Lunar Rock Simulant with a Lunar Regolith Coring Bit. Li, Peng; Zhang, Hui; Jiang, Shengyuan; Zhang, Weiwei Report 8463
Analysis of Dynamic Coupling Characteristics of the Slope Reinforced by Sheet Pile Wall. Qu, H.L.; Luo, H.; Liu, L.; Liu, Y. Report 4391
Analysis of Dynamic Stability of Nonlinear Suspension concerning Slowly Varying Sprung Mass. Yao, Jun; Zhang, Jinqiu; Zhao, Mingmei; Peng, Hu Report 6377
Analysis of Pressure Pulsation Induced by Rotor-Stator Interaction in Nuclear Reactor Coolant Pump. Zhang, Xu; Wang, Pengfei; Ruan, Xiaodong; Xu, Zhongbin; Fu, Xin Report 6374
Analysis of the Impacts of Bearing on Vibration Characteristics of Rotor. Yang, Peiji'Yuan, Qi'Huang, Chao'Zhou, Yafeng'Li, Hongliang'Zhou, Yu Technical report 2710
Analysis of the Viscoelastic Sphere Impact against a Viscoelastic Uflyand- Mindlin Plate considering the Extension of Its Middle Surface. Rossikhin, Yury A.; Shitikova, Marina V.; Trung, Phan Thanh Report 7858
Analysis on Flow Induced Motion of Cylinders with Different Cross Sections and the Potential Capacity of Energy Transference from the Flow. Lian, Jijian; Yan, Xiang; Liu, Fang; Zhang, Jun Report 10552
Analysis on Multistable Motion Characteristics of Supercavitating Vehicle. Xiong, Tianhong; Lv, Yipin; Yi, Wenjun Report 6604
Applicability of the Vibration Correlation Technique for Estimation of the Buckling Load in Axial Compression of Cylindrical Isotropic Shells with and without Circular Cutouts. Skukis, Eduards; Ozolins, Olgerts; Andersons, Janis; Kalnins, Kaspars; Arbelo, Mariano A. Report 7082
Arc-Surfaced Frictional Damper for Vibration Control in Container Crane. Wang, Gongxian; Wang, Yang-Yang; Yuan, Jianming; Yang, Yi; Wang, Dong Report 4073
Asymptotic Stability of Delay-Controlled Nonlinear Stochastic Systems with Actuator Failures. Zhou, N.; Huan, R.H. Report 3645
Automated Bearing Fault Diagnosis Using 2D Analysis of Vibration Acceleration Signals under Variable Speed Conditions. Khan, Sheraz Ali; Kim, Jong-Myon Report 7594
Benchmark Solution for Free Vibration of Moderately Thick Functionally Graded Sandwich Sector Plates on Two-Parameter Elastic Foundation with General Boundary Conditions. Li, Haichao; Pang, Fuzhen; Wang, Xueren; Li, Shuo Report 19752
Bending Vibration Suppression of a Flexible Multispan Shaft Using Smart Spring Support. Peng, Bo; Zhu, Rupeng; Li, Miaomiao; Tang, Ziyang Report 5207
Bifurcation Analysis and Chaos Control of a Fractional Order Portal Frame with Nonideal Loading Using Adaptive Sliding Mode Control. Rajagopal, Karthikeyan; Karthikeyan, Anitha; Duraisamy, Prakash Report 5804
Bifurcation and Chaos Analysis of the Spur Gear Transmission System for One-Way Clutch, Two-Shaft Assembly. Liu, Zhihui; Yan, Hongzhi; Cao, Yuming; Lai, Yuqing Report 6198
Casing Vibration Fault Diagnosis Based on Variational Mode Decomposition, Local Linear Embedding, and Support Vector Machine. Yang, Yizhou; Jiang, Dongxiang Technical report 6781
Chaotic Behaviour Investigation of a Front Opposed-Hemispherical Spiral-Grooved Air Bearing System. Wang, Cheng-Chi Report 7040
Characteristics of Rainfall in Wind Field of a Downburst and Its Effects on Motion of High-Voltage Transmission Line. Zhou, Chao; Li, Li; Liu, Yibing Report 7880
Coal-Rock Recognition in Top Coal Caving Using Bimodal Deep Learning and Hilbert-Huang Transform. Zhang, Guoxin; Wang, Zengcai; Zhao, Lei; Qi, Yazhou; Wang, Jinshan Report 6402
Comparison Study on the Exact Dynamic Stiffness Method for Free Vibration of Thin and Moderately Thick Circular Cylindrical Shells. Chen, Xudong; Ye, Kangsheng Report 6539
Computation of Rayleigh Damping Coefficients for the Seismic Analysis of a Hydro-Powerhouse. Song, Zhiqiang; Su, Chenhui Report 7601
Constant Strain Rate Uniaxial Compression of Green Sandstone during SHPB Tests Driven by Pendulum Hammer. Li, S.H.; Zhu, W.C.; Niu, L.L.; Dai, F. Report 6804
Correction of Transducers Mass Effects from the Measured FRFs in Hammer Impact Testing. Ren, Jun; Wang, Jun; Bi, Shusheng Report 4406
Corrigendum to "Fractal Model for Acoustic Absorbing of Porous Fibrous Metal Materials". Chen, Weihua; Chen, Tianning; Wang, Xiaopeng; Wu, Jiuhui; Li, Suobin Correction notice 268
Corrigendum to "Study on Dynamic Response of Downhole Tools under Perforation Impact Load". Jun, Liu; Shide, Li; Qingyou, Liu; Xian, Liu; Xiaoqiang, Guo; Yufa, He Correction notice 185
Corrigendum to (Experimental and Numerical Investigations on Feasibility and Validity of Prismatic Rock Specimen in SHPB". Li, Xibing; Zhou, Tao; Li, Diyuan; Wang, Zewei Correction notice 184
Coupled Bending-Torsional Nonlinear Vibration and Bifurcation Characteristics of Spiral Bevel Gear System. Xu, Jinli; Zeng, Fancong; Su, Xingyi Report 4454
Coupled Finite Volume Methods and Extended Finite Element Methods for the Dynamic Crack Propagation Modelling with the Pressurized Crack Surfaces. Jiang, Shouyan; Du, Chengbin Report 7114
Damage Analysis of Aluminium Foam Panel Subjected to Underwater Shock Loading. He, Xuan; Rong, Ji-li; Xiang, Da-lin Report 5511
Damage Detection in Railway Truss Bridges Employing Data Sensitivity under Bayesian Framework: A Numerical Investigation. Prajapat, Kanta; Ray-Chaudhuri, Samit Report 5092
Damage Identification of a Derrick Steel Structure Based on the HHT Marginal Spectrum Amplitude Curvature Difference. Han, Dongying; Wei, Shimin; Shi, Peiming; Zhang, Ying; Gao, Kai; Tian, Nengyuan Author abstract 3981
Damage Identification of Unreinforced Masonry Panels Using Vibration-Based Techniques. Oyarzo-Vera, Claudio; Chouw, Nawawi Report 8118
Data-Driven Iterative Vibration Signal Enhancement Strategy Using Alpha Stable Distribution. Zak, Grzegorz; Wylomanska, Agnieszka; Zimroz, Radoslaw Technical report 4431
Deep Learning Enabled Fault Diagnosis Using Time-Frequency Image Analysis of Rolling Element Bearings. Verstraete, David; Ferrada, Andres; Drogue, Enrique Lopez; Meruane, Viviana; Modarres, Mohammad Report 10448
Demand-Based Optimal Design of Storage Tank with Inerter System. Zhang, Shiming; Zhang, Ruifu; Zhao, Zhipeng Report 6978
Design and Experimental Study of an L Shape Piezoelectric Energy Harvester. Kim, In-Ho; Jang, Seon-Jun; Jung, Hyung-Jo Report 3943
Design and Nonlinear Control of a 2-DOF Flexible Parallel Humanoid Arm Joint Robot. Jiang, Leijie; Gao, Bingtuan; Zhu, Zhenyu Report 7093
Design Fuzzy Input-Based Adaptive Sliding Mode Control for Vessel Lift-Feedback Fin Stabilizers with Shock and Vibration of Waves. Liang, Lihua; Sun, Mingxiao; Luan, Tiantian Report 6656
Design of LQG Controller for Active Suspension without Considering Road Input Signals. Pang, Hui; Chen, Ying; Chen, JiaNan; Liu, Xue Technical report 5154
Design, Modeling, and Analysis of a Novel Hydraulic Energy-Regenerative Shock Absorber for Vehicle Suspension. Zou, Junyi; Guo, Xuexun; Xu, Lin; Tan, Gangfeng; Zhang, Chengcai; Zhang, Jie Report 6059
Development of a Point Pyroshock Source Simulator. Jeong, Ju-won; Lim, Jae hyuk; Kim, Kyung-won; Lee, Jung-ju Report 8650
Development of Absorbed Blasting Vibration Energy Index for the Evaluation of Human Comfort in Multistorey Buildings. Yao, Qiang; Yang, Xingguo; Li, Hongtao Report 8200
Development of Practical Finite Element Models for Collapse of Reinforced Concrete Structures and Experimental Validation. Bermejo, Mario; Santos, Anastasio P.; Goicolea, Jose M. Report 4913
Diagnosis of Localized Faults in Multistage Gearboxes: A Vibrational Approach by Means of Automatic EMD-Based Algorithm. Buzzoni, M.; Mucchi, E.; D'Elia, G.; Dalpiaz, G. Report 9517
Discriminant Model of Coal Mining Microseismic and Blasting Signals Based on Waveform Characteristics. Li, Baolin; Li, Nan; Wang, Enyuan; Li, Xuelong; Zhang, Zhibo; Zhang, Xin; Niu, Yue Report 7712
Drilling Performance of Rock Drill by High-Pressure Water Jet under Different Configuration Modes. Liu, Songyong; Li, Hongsheng; Chang, Huanhuan Report 6761
Drivability Improvement Control for Vehicle Start-Up Applied to an Automated Manual Transmission. Jiang, Danna; Huang, Ying; Zuo, Zhe; Li, Huan Report 5404
Dropping Shock Characteristics of the Suspension Cushioning System with Critical Components. Li, Hui; Chen, Anjun; Duan, Ningning Report 4515
Dynamic Analysis of a Rotor-Bearing-SFD System with the Bearing Inner Race Defect. Zhang, Junhong; Lu, Xin; Lin, Jiewei; Ma, Liang; Wang, Jun Report 5522
Dynamic Analysis of an Infinitely Long Beam Resting on a Kelvin Foundation under Moving Random Loads. Zhao, Y.; Si, L.T.; Ouyang, H. Report 7784
Dynamic Analysis of Helical Planetary Gear Sets under Combined Force and Moment Loading. Liu, Yanfang; Lai, Junbin; Dong, Peng; Xu, Xiangyang Report 5975
Dynamic Brazilian Test for Mechanical Characterization of Ceramic Ballistic Protection. Scapin, Martina; Peroni, Lorenzo; Avalle, Massimiliano Report 5179
Dynamic Characteristics Analysis of a Seismic Vibrator-Ground Coupling System. Jun, Liu; Zhi-Qiang, Huang; Gang, Li; Shi-De, Li; Xian, Liu; Kai, Zhang Report 5246
Dynamic Coefficients Identification of Water-Lubricated Hybrid Bearings Used in High-Speed Spindles with Different Excitation Methods. Wang, Lin; Xiong, Xianzhi; Xu, Hua Report 4368
Dynamic Fracturing Behavior of Layered Rock with Different Inclination Angles in SHPB Tests. Qiu, Jiadong; Li, Diyuan; Li, Xibing; Zhou, Zilong Report 5964
Dynamic Model and Vibration Characteristics of Planar 3-RRR Parallel Manipulator with Flexible Intermediate Links considering Exact Boundary Conditions. Sheng, Lianchao; Li, Wei; Wang, Yuqiao; Fan, Mengbao; Yang, Xuefeng Report 5050
Dynamic Modeling and Characteristic Analysis of Floating Raft System with Attached Pipes. Ren, Longlong; Li, Yang; Huang, Xiuchang; Hua, Hongxing Report 5401
Dynamic of Friction Coupling Independently Rotating Wheels for High Speed. Shi, Yan; Li, Miao; Ma, Weihua; Chen, Kang Report 3820
Dynamic Optimization Design of Cranes Based on Human-Crane-Rail System Dynamics and Annoyance Rate. Xin, Yunsheng; Xu, Gening; Su, Nina Report 11653
Dynamic Optimization of Constrained Layer Damping Structure for the Headstock of Machine Tools with Modal Strain Energy Method. Xu, Yakai; Gao, Weiguo; Yu, Yuhan; Zhang, Dawei; Zhao, Xiangsong; Tian, Yanling; Cun, Huaying Report 4860
Dynamic Reliability Evaluation of Road Vehicle Subjected to Turbulent Crosswinds Based on Monte Carlo Simulation. Wang, Bin; Li, Yongle; Yu, Helu; Liao, Haili Report 7568
Dynamic Response Analysis of Cable of Submerged Floating Tunnel under Hydrodynamic Force and Earthquake. Wu, Zhiwen; Mei, Guoxiong Report 6760
Dynamic Response of Parallel Hoisting System under Drive Deviation between Ropes with Time-Varying Length. Cao, Guohua; Cai, Xiang; Wang, Naige; Peng, Weihong; Li, Jishun Technical report 4791
Dynamic Response of Soft Core Sandwich Beams with Metal-Graphene Nanocomposite Skins. Loja, M.A.R. Report 10815
Dynamic Response of Wheel-Rail Interaction at Rail Weld in High-Speed Railway. An, Boyang; Wang, Ping; Xiao, Jieling; Xu, Jingmang; Chen, Rong Report 6425
Dynamic Shift Coordinated Control Based on Motor Active Speed Synchronization with the New Hybrid System. Yan, Ting; Yang, Lin; Yan, Bin; Zhou, Wei; Chen, Liang Report 7099
Dynamical Behavior of a Pseudoelastic Vibration Absorber Using Shape Memory Alloys. De S. Oliveira, Hugo; De Paula, Aline S.; Savi, Marcelo A. Report 4974
Effect of Nonsmooth Nose Surface of the Projectile on Penetration Using DEM Simulation. Han, Jing; Li, Dong; Wang, Wenhao; Chen, Zhigang Report 4396
Effect of Soil-Structure Interaction on Seismic Performance of Long-Span Bridge Tested by Dynamic Substructuring Method. Tang, Zhenyun; Ma, Hua; Guo, Jun; Li, Zhenbao Report 5388
Effects of Crack on Vibration Characteristics of Mistuned Rotated Blades. Xu, Hailong; Chen, Zhongsheng; Yang, Yongmin; Tao, Limin; Chen, Xuefeng Report 7989
Effects of Equipment-Structure-Soil Interaction on Seismic Response of Equipment and Structure via Real-Time Dynamic Substructuring Shaking Table Testing. Zhang, Chongxiang; Jiang, Nan Report 7252
Effects of Heating Rate on the Dynamic Tensile Mechanical Properties of Coal Sandstone during Thermal Treatment. Li, Ming; Mao, Xianbiao; Pu, Hai; Chen, Yanlong; Wu, Yu; Zhang, Lianying Report 6023
Effects of Precast Cladding Systems on Dynamic Characteristics of Steel Frame Buildings by Ambient and Free Vibration Tests. Ma, Jun; Nakata, Shinji; Yoshida, Akihito; Tamura, Yukio Report 8551
Effects of Transverse Deformation on Free Vibration of 2D Curved Beams with General Restraints. Wang, Xueren; Miao, Xuhong; Jia, Di; Gao, Shengyao Report 10219
Electromagnetic and Mechanical Characteristics Analysis of a Flat-Type Vertical-Gap Passive Magnetic Levitation Vibration Isolator. Kou, Baoquan; Zhou, Yiheng; Yang, Xiaobao; Xing, Feng; Zhang, He Report 5130
Enhanced Bearing Fault Detection Using Step-Varying Vibrational Resonance Based on Duffing Oscillator Nonlinear System. Liu, Yongbin; Dai, Zhijia; Lu, Siliang; Liu, Fang; Zhao, Jiwen; Shen, Jiale Report 6943
Enhanced Orthogonal Matching Pursuit Algorithm and Its Application in Mechanical Equipment Fault Diagnosis. Lv, Yong; Luo, Jie; Yi, Cancan Report 6232
Estimation of Impact Loads in a Hydraulic Breaker by Transfer Path Analysis. Song, Changheon; Kim, Dae Ji; Chung, Jintai; Lee, Kang Won; Kweon, Sang Seuk; Kang, Young Ky Report 6021
Experiment and Simulation Analysis on Noise Attenuation of Al/MF Cylindrical Shells. Li, Bin; Li, Jian; Yan, Shilin; Yan, Wenjie; He, Xu Report 4728
Experimental and Analytical Study on the Penetration of Corundum-Rubble Concrete Subjected to Projectile Impact. Xue, Y.L.; Tang, D.G.; Chen, W.X.; Li, Z.Z.; Li, D.P.; Yao, M.L. Report 4916
Experimental and Numerical Research on Cylindrical Tubes under Outer Cylindrical Explosive Waves. Yaguang, Sui; Dezhi, Zhang; Shiying, Tang; Bo, Chen Report 4484
Experimental and Numerical Study on Modal Dynamic Response of Water-Surrounded Slender Bridge Pier with Pile Foundation. Deng, Yulin; Guo, Qingkang; Xu, Lueqin Report 7774
Experimental and Theoretical Analysis for a Fluid-Loaded, Simply Supported Plate Covered by a Damping and Decoupling Composite Acoustic Coating. Yuan, Baihua; Chen, Meng; Liu, Yu; Zhao, Shexu; Jiang, Heng Report 5559
Experimental Characterization of Damped CFRP Materials with an Application to a Lightweight Car Door. Fasana, Alessandro; Ferraris, Alessandro; Airale, Andrea Giancarlo; Polato, Davide Berti; Carello, M Report 5085
Experimental Estimation of Journal Bearing Stiffness for Damage Detection in Large Hydrogenerators. Brito, Geraldo Carvalho, Jr.; Machado, Roberto Dalledone; Neto, Anselmo Chaves Report 9993
Experimental Evaluation for the Microvibration Performance of a Segmented PC Method Based High Technology Industrial Facility Using 1/2 Scale Test Models. Kim, Sijun; Choi, Se Woon Report 4585
Experimental Investigation and Analysis of Dynamic Buckling of Drill String in Horizontal Well. Ren, Fushen; Wang, Baojin; Zhao, Lei; Zhu, Anhe Report 6178
Experimental Investigation of Seismic-Induced Hydrodynamic Pressures on a Vertical Wall under Conditions of Wave Resonance. Zhou, Yi Liang; Yao, LingKan; Gao, MingYuan; Ai, Hongzhou Report 5613
Experimental Investigation on Cavitating Flow Induced Vibration Characteristics of a Low Specific Speed Centrifugal Pump. Gao, Bo; Guo, Pengming; Zhang, Ning; Li, Zhong; Yang, Minguan Report 5459
Experimental Research on Seismic Performance of a New-Type of R/C Beam-Column Joints with End Plates. Li, Shufeng; Li, Qingning; Jiang, Haotian; Zhang, Hao; Zhang, Lizhong Report 4173
Experimental Research on Vibration Fatigue of CFRP and Its Influence Factors Based on Vibration Testing. Fan, Zhengwei; Jiang, Yu; Zhang, Shufeng; Chen, Xun Report 9072
Experimental Study and Engineering Practice of Pressured Water Coupling Blasting. Yang, J.X.; Liu, C.Y. Report 5595
Experimental Study of Bilinear Initiating System Based on Hard Rock Pile Blasting. Miao, Yusong; Li, Xiaojie; Yan, HongHao; Wang, Xiaohong; Sun, Junpeng Report 5172
Experimental Study of Vibrational Acceleration Spread and Comparison Using Three Citrus Canopy Shaker Shaking Tines. Liu, Tian-Hu; Ehsani, Reza; Toudeshki, Arash; Zou, Xiang-Jun; Wang, Hong-Jun Report 5378
Experimental Study on the Influence on Vibration Characteristics of Thin Cylindrical Shell with Hard Coating under Cantilever Boundary Condition. Li, Hui; Sun, Wei; Zhu, Mingwei; Xue, Pengcheng Report 11060
Experimental Study on the Softening Characteristics of Sandstone and Mudstone in Relation to Moisture Content. Li, Gui-chen; Qi, Chong-chong; Sun, Yuan-tian; Tang, Xiao-lin; Hou, Bao- quan Report 5341
Experimental Study on Variation Rules of Damping with Influential Factors of Tuned Liquid Column Damper. Yu, Yang; Xu, Lixin; Zhang, Liang Report 11121
Explicit Dynamic DDA Method considering Dynamic Contact Force. Zhao, Jian; Xiao, Ming; Chen, Juntao; Li, Dongdong Report 8658
Failure Characteristics of Joint Bolts in Shield Tunnels Subjected to Impact Loads from a Derailed Train. Yan, Qixiang; Deng, Zhixin; Zhang, Yanyang; Yang, Wenbo Report 9484
Fatigue Properties of Plain Concrete under Triaxial Tension-Compression-Compression Cyclic Loading. Zhao, Dongfu; Gao, Haijing; Liu, Huixuan; Jia, Penghe; Yang, Jianhui Report 5609
Fault Detection of a Wheelset Bearing Based on Appropriately Sparse Impulse Extraction. Ding, Jianming; Li, Fenglin; Lin, Jianhui; Miao, Bingrong; Liu, Lu Report 6520
Fault Detection of High-Speed Train Wheelset Bearing Based on Impulse- Envelope Manifold. Zhuang, Zhe; Ding, Jianming; Tan, Andy C.; Shi, Ying; Lin, Jianhui Report 7424
Fault Diagnosis for Rotating Machinery Based on Convolutional Neural Network and Empirical Mode Decomposition. Xie, Yuan; Zhang, Tao Technical report 6900
Field Testing and Analysis of Embankment Vibrations Induced by Heavy Haul Trains. Li, Peng; Ling, Xianzhang; Zhang, Feng; Li, Yan; Zhao, Yingying Report 6732
Field Tests to Investigate the Penetration Rate of Piles Driven by Vibratory Installation. Qin, Zhaohui; Chen, Longzhu; Song, Chunyu; Sun, Lei Report 5980
Finite Analytic Method for One-Dimensional Nonlinear Consolidation under Time-Dependent Loading. Cheng, Dawei; Wang, Wenke; Chen, Xi; Zhang, Zaiyong Report 6109
Finite Element Analysis of Mechanical Characteristics of Dropped Eggs Based on Fluid-Solid Coupling Theory. Haiyan, Song; Fang, Wang; Jianguo, Zhang; Yinong, Zhang; Shugang, Yang Report 3317
Flexoelectric Effect on Vibration of Piezoelectric Microbeams Based on a Modified Couple Stress Theory. Li, Xingjia; Luo, Ying Report 4496
Force Feedback Control Method of Active Tuned Mass Damper. Wang, Xiuli; Yun, Di Report 3161
Forced Vibration of a Timoshenko Beam Subjected to Stationary and Moving Loads Using the Modal Analysis Method. Kim, Taehyun; Park, Ilwook; Lee, Usik Report 8858
Formation Mechanism and Reduction Technology of Mining-Induced Fissures in Shallow Thick Coal Seam Mining. Li, Jianwei; Liu, Changyou Report 6407
Fractal Model for Acoustic Absorbing of Porous Fibrous Metal Materials. Chen, Weihua; Chen, Tianning; Wang, Xiaopeng; Wu, Jiuhui; Li, Suobin Report 8505
Fractional Critical Damping Theory and Its Application in Active Suspension Control. Wang, Peng; Wang, Qingyun; Xu, Xiaomei; Chen, Ning Report 4943
Free and Forced Vibration Analysis of Airtight Cylindrical Vessels with Doubly Curved Shells of Revolution by Using Jacobi-Ritz Method. Pang, Fuzhen; Li, Haichao; Choe, Kwangnam; Shi, Dongyan; Kim, Kwanghun Report 7862
Free and Forced Vibration of the Moderately Thick Laminated Composite Rectangular Plate on Various Elastic Winkler and Pasternak Foundations. Shi, Dongyan; Zhang, Hong; Wang, Qingshan; Zha, Shuai Report 11302
Free Vibration Analysis of the Unified Functionally Graded Shallow Shell with General Boundary Conditions. Shi, Dongyan; Zha, Shuai; Zhang, Hong; Wang, Qingshan Report 13240
Full Vehicle Vibration and Noise Analysis Based on Substructure Power Flow. Liu, Zhien; Yuan, Shuai; Xiao, Shenghao; Du, Songze; Zhang, Yan; Lu, Chihua Report 6263
Fuzzy Semiactive Vibration Control of Structures Using Magnetorheological Elastomer. Nguyen, Xuan Bao; Komatsuzaki, Toshihiko; Iwata, Yoshio; Asanuma, Haruhiko Report 6513
Geometrically Nonlinear Transient Response of Laminated Plates with Nonlinear Elastic Restraints. Yang, Shaochong; Yang, Qingsheng Report 4843
Gust Response Analysis for Helicopter Rotors in the Hover and Forward Flights. Wang, Linpeng; Dai, Yuting; Yang, Chao Report 6902
Gust Wind Effects on Stability and Ride Quality of Actively Controlled Maglev Guideway Systems. Min, Dong-Ju; Kwon, Soon-Duck; Kwark, Jong-Won; Kim, Moon-Young Report 9653
HOC Based Blind Identification of Hydroturbine Shaft Volterra System. Bai, Bing; Zhang, Lixiang Report 6990
Identification of Loss Factor of Fiber-Reinforced Composite Based on Complex Modulus Method. Li, Hui; Niu, Yi; Mu, Chao; Wen, Bangchun Report 6705
Identification of Pyrotechnic Shock Sources for Shear Type Explosive Bolt. Li, Yanhua; Xiong, Shihui; Li, Yuan; Li, Xiaogang; Wen, Yuquan; Mu, Huina; Li, Zhiliang Report 4054
Impact Dynamics of a Percussive System Based on Rotary-Percussive Ultrasonic Drill. Wang, Yinchao; Quan, Qiquan; Yu, Hongying; Li, He; Bai, Deen; Deng, Zongquan Report 5163
Impact of In Situ Stress Distribution Characteristics on Jointed Surrounding Rock Mass Stability of an Underground Cavern near a Hillslope Surface. Li, Bangxiang; Li, Yong; Zhu, Weishen; Li, Chao; Dong, Zhenxing Report 5545
Impedance Synthesis Based Vibration Analysis of Geared Transmission System. Ren, Yafeng; Chang, Shan; Liu, Geng; Wu, Liyan; Lim, Teik C. Report 7600
Improved Finite Beam Element Method to Analyze the Natural Vibration of Steel-Concrete Composite Truss Beam. Lai, Zhipeng; Jiang, Lizhong; Zhou, Wangbao; Chai, Xilin Report 5832
Improvement of and Parameter Identification for the Bimodal Time-Varying Modified Kanai-Tajimi Power Spectral Model. Chen, Huiguo; Zhong, Ting; Liu, Guocui; Ren, Junru Report 5584
In-Plane Strengthening Effect of Prefabricated Concrete Walls on Masonry Structures: Shaking Table Test. Li, Weiwei; Liu, Weiqing; Wang, Shuguang; Du, Dongsheng Report 6041
Incremental Explosive Analysis and Its Application to Performance-Based Assessment of Stiffened and Unstiffened Cylindrical Shells Subjected to Underwater Explosion. Biglarkhani, Masoud; Sadeghi, Keyvan Report 9938
Influence of Blasting Vibration on Young Concrete Bridge: A Case Study of Yesanhe Super Large Bridge. Chen, Ming; Zhang, Jun; Lu, Wenbo; Yan, Peng; Deng, Ke Report 5672
Influence of the Radial Clearance of a Squeeze Film Damper on the Vibratory Behavior of a Single Spool Gas Turbine Designed for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Applications. Creci, Geraldo; Balastrero, Jose Orlando; Domingues, Sidney; Torres, Luis Vanderlei; Menezes, Joao C Report 8261
Information-Based Construction of High-Speed Railway Tunnel. Yang, Qian; Wang, Zhaoling Report 4509
Integration of Geometrical and Material Nonlinear Energy Sink with Piezoelectric Material Energy Harvester. Zhang, Ye-Wei; Wang, Chuang; Yuan, Bin; Fang, Bo Report 4207
Intelligent Fault Diagnosis Based on Vibration Signal Analysis. Ragulskis, Minvydas; Chen, Lu; Song, Ganging; Sinawi, Ameen El Editorial 467
Investigation of Axial Strengthened Reinforced Concrete Columns under Lateral Blast Loading. Omran, Mohammad Esmaeilnia; Mollaei, Somayeh Report 6466
Investigation of Multifrequency Piezoelectric Energy Harvester. Ceponis, Andrius; Mazeika, Dalius Report 5958
Investigation of Parametric Instability of the Planetary Gear under Speed Fluctuations. Qiu, Xinghui; Han, Qinkai; Chu, Fulei Report 5868
Investigation of Stability Alarming for Retaining Wall Structures with Damage. Xu, Qian Report 7760
K-Means Cluster for Seismicity Partitioning and Geological Structure Interpretation, with Application to the Yongshaba Mine (China). Shang, Xueyi; Li, Xibing; Morales-Esteban, A.; Dong, Longjun; Peng, Kang Report 6425
Long-Term Vibration Monitoring of the Effects of Temperature and Humidity on PC Girders with and without Fly Ash considering ASR Deterioration. Ha, Tuan Minh; Fukada, Saiji; Torii, Kazuyuki Report 11095
Longitudinal Seismic Behavior of a Single-Tower Cable-Stayed Bridge Subjected to Near-Field Earthquakes. Yi, J.; Li, J. Report 7220
Low-Frequency Broadband Sound Transmission Loss of Infinite Orthogonally Rib-Stiffened Sandwich Structure with Periodic Subwavelength Arrays of Shunted Piezoelectric Patches. Zhang, Zhifu; Zheng, Weiguang; Huang, Qibai Report 9199
Magnetic Nonlinear Energy Sink for Vibration Attenuation of Unbalanced Rotor System. Yao, Hongliang; Zheng, Dasheng; Wen, Bangchun Report 5593
Magnetoelastic Principal Parametric Resonance of a Rotating Electroconductive Circular Plate. Li, Zhe; Hu, Yu-da; Li, Jing Report 4005
Mechanical Impedance Matching Using a Magnetic Linear Gear. Valiente-Blanco, Ignacio; Cristache, Cristian; Sanchez-Garcia-Casarrubios, Juan; Rodriguez-Celis, Fe Report 4406
Mechanical Properties and Acoustic Emission Properties of Rocks with Different Transverse Scales. Yan, Xi; Jun, Li; Gonghui, Liu; Xueli, Guo Report 3590
Method for Friction Force Estimation on the Flank of Cutting Tools. Huerta, Luis; Lozano-Guzman, Alejandro; Orozco-Mendoza, Horacio; Jauregui- Correa, Juan Carlos Report 4553
Mitigation of Ground Vibration due to Collapse of a Large-Scale Cooling Tower with Novel Application of Materials as Cushions. Lin, Feng; Zhong, Qiheng Report 7598
Modal Analysis of a Simply Supported Steel Beam with Cracks under Temperature Load. Ma, Yijiang; Chen, Guoping; Yang, Fan Report 4690
Modal Analysis of In-Wheel Motor-Driven Electric Vehicle Based on Bond Graph Theory. Tan, Di; Wang, Qiang; Wu, Yanshou Report 4115
Modal and Vibration Analysis of Filter System in Petrochemical Plant. Liu, Zhongchi; Wang, Ji; Gho, Wie Min; Liu, Xiao; Yu, Xuebing Report 4165
Modeling and Analysis of a Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Micro-Vibration Simulator. Wang, Xiaoming; Xu, Zhenbang; He, Shuai; Wu, Qingwen; Li, Hang; Zhao, Yaping; He, Lei Report 7731
Modeling and Dynamic Analysis of Cutterhead Driving System in Tunnel Boring Machine. Sun, Wei; Ma, Honghui; Song, Xueguan; Wang, Lintao; Ding, Xin Report 5765
Modeling Friction Performance of Drill String Torsional Oscillation Using Dynamic Friction Model. Wang, Xingming; Chen, Ping; Rui, Zhenhua; Jin, Fanyao Report 7271
Modelling of Generalised Thermoelastic Wave Propagation of Multilayer Material under Thermal Shock Behaviour. Guo, Pan; Wu, Wen-Hua; Zhao, Jun Report 3459
Modified Kernel Marginal Fisher Analysis for Feature Extraction and Its Application to Bearing Fault Diagnosis. Jiang, Li; Guo, Shunsheng Report 8424
Multichannel Filtered-X Error Coded Affine Projection-Like Algorithm with Evolving Order. Avalos, J.G.; Rodriguez, A.; Martinez, H.M.; Sanchez, J.C.; Perez, H.M. Report 7182
Multidimensional Seismic Control by Tuned Mass Damper with Poles and Torsional Pendulums. He, Haoxiang; Wang, Wentao; Xu, Honggang Report 7276
Multiparameter Monitoring and Prevention of Fault-Slip Rock Burst. Hu, Shan-chao; Tan, Yun-liang; Ning, Jian-guo; Guo, Wei-Yao; Liu, Xue-sheng Report 5092
Natural Vibration of a Beam with a Breathing Oblique Crack. Ma, Yijiang'Chen, Guoping Report 6296
NMR Pore Structure and Dynamic Characteristics of Sandstone Caused by Ambient Freeze-Thaw Action. Ke, Bo; Zhou, Keping; Deng, Hongwei; Bin, Feng Report 6586
Nonlinear Dynamics Mechanism of Rock Burst Induced by the Instability of the Layer-Crack Plate Structure in the Coal Wall in Deep Coal Mining. Chen, Yanlong; Lu, Aihong; Mao, Xianbiao; Li, Ming; Zhang, Lianying Report 6676
Nonlinear Resonance Analysis of Slender Portal Frames under Base Excitation. Munoz, Luis Fernando Paullo; Goncalves, Paulo B.; Silveira, Ricardo A.M.; Silva, Andrea Report 8169
Nonpenetrating Damage Identification Using Hybrid Lamb Wave Modes from Hilbert-Huang Spectrum in Thin-Walled Structures. Wang, Zijian; Qiao, Pizhong; Shi, Binkai Report 3981
Normal Reflection Characteristics of One-Dimensional Unsteady Flow Shock Waves on Rigid Walls from Pulse Discharge in Water. Yan, Dong; Zhao, Jinchang; Niu, Shaoqing Report 7382
Normalized Study of Three-Parameter System in the Time Domain and Frequency Domain. Jiao, Xiao-Lei; Zhao, Yang; Ma, Wen-Lai Report 6618
Numerical Analysis of Ground Motion Effects in the Loess Regions of Western China. Chen, Tuo; Ma, Wei; Wang, Jianzhou Report 4320
Numerical Analysis on Chaotic Vibration of Drive System for a Movable Tooth Piezoelectric Motor. Li, Chong; Xing, Jichun; Fang, Jiwen; Zhao, Zhong Report 4815
Numerical Analysis on Steam Exciting Force Caused by Rotor Eccentricity. Cao, L.H.; Wang, J.X.; Li, P.; Hu, P.F.; Li, Y. Report 4679
Numerical and Experimental Dynamic Analysis of IC Engine Test Beds Equipped with Highly Flexible Couplings. Cocconcelli, M.; Troncossi, M.; Mucchi, E.; Agazzi, A.; Rivola, A.; Rubini, R.; Dalpiaz, G. Report 10471
Numerical and Experimental Investigations on a Three-Dimensional Rod-Plate Impact. Wang, Jianyao; Liu, Zhuyong; Hong, Jiazhen Report 5145
Numerical Evaluation on Dynamic Response of Existing Underlying Tunnel Induced by Blasting Excavation of a Subway Tunnel. Zhou, Jixue; Luo, Yi; Li, XinPing; Guo, Yunhua; Liu, Tingting Report 5321
Numerical Investigation of Damage Risks of Roadway Surrounding Rocks under Oblique Incident Dynamic Loads. Wang, Zhengyi; Dou, Linming; Li, Jing; Kang, Kai; Feng, Longfei Report 7394
Numerical Investigation on Suppressing High Frequency Self-Excited Noises of Armature Assembly in a Torque Motor Using Ferrofluid. Han, Hasiaoqier; Li, Songjing; Guo, Liang; Wu, Qingwen Report 4268
Numerical Modelling of Building Vibrations due to Railway Traffic: Analysis of the Mitigation Capacity of a Wave Barrier. Ribes-Llario, Fran; Marzal, Silvia; Zamorano, Clara; Real, Julia Report 5535
Numerical Simulation and Experimental Study on the Gas-Solid Coupling of the Aerostatic Thrust Bearing with Elastic Equalizing Pressure Groove. Xiao-long, Zhao; Jun-an, Zhang; Hao, Dong; Zhou, Fang; Jun-ning, Li Report 4264
Numerical Simulation and Experimental Validation of the Vibration Modes for a Processing Reciprocating Compressor. Zhao, Ying; Chen, Jiahao; Zhou, Qiang; Jia, Xiaohan; Peng, Xueyuan Report 5442
Numerical Simulation of Blast Vibration and Crack Forming Effect of Rock-Anchored Beam Excavation in Deep Underground Caverns. Li, XinPing; Huang, JunHong; Luo, Yi; Dong, Qian; Li, YouHua; Wan, Yong; Liu, TingTing Report 7025
Numerical Simulation of Fluctuating Wind Effects on an Offshore Deck Structure. Ma, Jin; Zhou, Dai; Han, Zhaolong; Zhang, Kai; Nguyen, Jennifer; Lu, Jiabao; Bao, Yan Report 8504
Numerical Studies of Propeller Exciting Bearing Forces under Nonuniform Ship's Nominal Wake and the Influence of Cross Flows. Yao, Huilan; Zhang, Huaixin Report 6499
Numerical Study on the In-Plane and Out-of-Plane Resistance of Brick Masonry Infill Panels in Steel Frames. Bahreini, Vahid; Mahdi, Tariq; Najafizadeh, MohammadMahdi Report 8054
Numerical Study on the Seismic Response of Structure with Consideration of the Behavior of Base Mat Uplift. Wang, Guo-Bo; Zhou, Xin; Ma, Xian-Feng; Wu, Jun Report 8246
On the Critical Speed, Supercritical Bifurcation, and Stability Problems of Certain Type of High-Speed Rail Vehicle. Dong, Hao; Wang, Qunsheng Report 4502
On the Equivalence between Static and Dynamic Railway Track Response and on the Euler-Bernoulli and Timoshenko Beams Analogy. Czyczula, Wlodzimierz; Koziol, Piotr; Blaszkiewicz, Dorota Report 7276
Optimal Design of Viscoelastic Dampers in Frame Structures considering Soil-Structure Interaction Effect. Zhao, Xuefei; Wang, Shuguang; Du, Dongsheng; Liu, Weiqing Report 7045
Optimization Method of the Car Seat Rail Abnormal Noise Problem Based on the Finite Element Method. Yu, Huijie; Zhang, Xinkan; Zhang, Chen Report 7182
Optimization of Fuzzy Control for Magnetorheological Damping Structures. Ding, Jianguo; Sun, Xin; Zhang, Lifeng; Xie, Jiaoyan Report 5575
Optimum Operating Conditions of ([Pb.sub.x][X.sub.1 - x])([Zr.sub.y][Ti.sub.z][Y.sub.1 - y - z]) Piezoelectric Transducer for Vibrational Energy Harvesting Applications. Demir, Funda; Anutgan, Mustafa Report 5404
Output-Only Modal Parameter Recursive Estimation of Time-Varying Structures via a Kernel Ridge Regression FS-TARMA Approach. Ma, Zhi-Sai'Liu, Li'Zhou, Si-Da'Yu, Lei Report 7013
Passive Shock Isolation Utilising Dry Friction. Ismail, Mohd Ikmal; Ferguson, Neil Stuart Report 10784
Performance Improvement of Membrane Stress Measurement Equipment through Evaluation of Added Mass of Membrane and Error Correction. Jin, Sang-Wook; Ohmori, Hiroshi; Lee, Seungjae Report 8880
Period-Doubling Bifurcation of Stochastic Fractional-Order Duffing System via Chebyshev Polynomial Approximation. Lei, Youming; Wang, Yanyan Report 4818
Planetary Gearbox Fault Diagnosis via Torsional Vibration Signal Analysis in Resonance Region. Li, Kangqiang; Feng, Zhipeng; Liang, Xihui Report 6815
Possibilities of the Additional Damping of Unidirectional Fiber Composites by Implementation of Viscoelastic Neoprene and Rubber Layers. Kulhavy, Petr; Petru, Michal; Syrovatkova, Martina Report 8526
Pounding Dynamic Responses of Sliding Base-Isolated Rectangular Liquid-Storage Structure considering Soil-Structure Interactions. Cheng, Xuansheng; Jing, Wei; Chen, Jia; Zhang, Xiaoyan Report 6898
Predicting the Pullout Capacity of Small Ground Anchors Using Nonlinear Integrated Computing Techniques. Kaloop, Mosbeh R.; Hu, Jong Wan; Elbeltagi, Emad Report 6307
Prediction Model of Vibration Feature for Equipment Maintenance Based on Full Vector Spectrum. Chen, Lei; Han, Jie; Lei, Wenping; Guan, ZhenHong; Gao, Yajuan Report 4916
Probabilistic Entropy EMD Thresholding for Periodic Fault Signal Enhancement in Rotating Machine. Dang, Jian; Jia, Rong; Wu, Hua; Luo, Xingqi; Chen, Diyi Report 4835
Projectile Penetration into Sandy Soil Confined by a Honeycomb-Like Structure. Luo, Weiming; Shi, Shaoqing; Chen, Zipeng; Sun, Jianhu; Wang, Wenkang Report 4780
Pullout Test on Fully Grouted Bolt Sheathed by Different Length of Segmented Steel Tubes. Feng, Xiaowei; Zhang, Nong; Li, Guichen; Guo, Gangye Report 8402
Pyroshock Acceleration Field Reconstruction in Temporal and Spectral Domains Based on Laser Shock Scanning and Iterative Decomposition and Synthesis Considering Stop Band Effects. Kim, Yong-Woon; Jang, Jae-Kyeong; Lee, Jung-Ryul Report 6479
Radiation Noise Separation of Internal Combustion Engine Based on Gammatone-RobustICA Method. Yao, Jiachi; Xiang, Yang; Qian, Sichong; Wang, Shuai Report 7288
Reconstructed Phase Space-Based Damage Detection Using a Single Sensor for Beam-Like Structure Subjected to a Moving Mass. Nie, Zhenhua; Ngo, Tuan; Ma, Hongwei Report 9954
Reduced-Order Modeling, Testing, and Control of Nonlinear Mechanical and Structural Systems. Balthazar, Jose Manoel; Goncalves, Paulo Batista; Tusset, Angelo Marcelo; Litak, Grzegorz; Cveticani Editorial 900
Remaining Useful Life Prediction for Rotating Machinery Based on Optimal Degradation Indicator. Qin, Aisong; Zhang, Qinghua; Hu, Qin; Sun, Guoxi; He, Jun; Lin, Shuiquan Technical report 6913
Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Bearing with Vibration Signals Based on a Novel Indicator. Wu, Bo; Li, Wei; Qiu, Ming-quan Report 6288
Research and Analysis of Quasi-Zero-Stiffness Isolator with Geometric Nonlinear Damping. Meng, Qingguo; Yang, Xuefeng; Li, Wei; Lu, En; Sheng, Lianchao Report 4163
Research into 2D Dynamics and Control of Small Oscillations of a Cross-Beam during Transportation by Two Overhead Cranes. Perig, Alexander V.; Stadnik, Alexander N.; Kostikov, Alexander A.; Podlesny, Sergey V. Report 12632
Research into the Effect of Supercapacitor Terminal Voltage on Regenerative Suspension Energy-Regeneration and Dynamic Performance. Wang, Ruochen; Ding, Yanshu; Ye, Qing; Ding, Renkai; Qian, Jingang Report 3279
Research on Collapse Process of Cable-Stayed Bridges under Strong Seismic Excitations. Wang, Xuewei; Zhu, Bing; Cui, Shengai Report 9529
Research on Fatigue Damage of Compressor Blade Steel KMN-I Using Nonlinear Ultrasonic Testing. Wang, Pengfei; Wang, Weiqiang; Li, Jianfeng Report 6028
Research on Fluid Viscous Damper Parameters of Cable-Stayed Bridge in Northwest China. He, Xiongjun; Yang, Yongchao; Xiao, Xiang; Deng, Yulin Report 4852
Research on the Adaptive Damping Method of Strap-Down Inertial Measurement Unit Based on the Magneto Rheological Technology. Zhang, Heng; Rui, Xiaoting; Yang, Fufeng; Chen, Gangli Report 5424
Research on the Effects of Hydropneumatic Parameters on Tracked Vehicle Ride Safety Based on Cosimulation. Han, Shousong; Chao, Zhiqiang; Liu, Xiangbo Report 5761
Research on the Field Dynamic Balance Technologies for Large Diesel Engine Crankshaft System. Zhang, Shihai; Zhang, Zimiao Report 4859
Research on the Vibration Characteristics of a Compounded Periodic Strut Used for Helicopter Cabin Noise Reduction. Lu, Yang; Wang, Fengjiao; Ma, Xunjun Report 5387
Review of Blast Loading Models, Masonry Response, and Mitigation. Badshah, Eid; Naseer, Amjad; Ashraf, Muhammad; Shah, Feroz; Akhtar, Kareem Report 9373
Rolling Bearing Reliability Assessment via Kernel Principal Component Analysis and Weibull Proportional Hazard Model. Wang, Fengtao; Chen, Xutao; Dun, Bosen; Wang, Bei; Yan, Dawen; Zhu, Hong Report 5948
Scaling Mode Shapes in Output-Only Structure by a Mass-Change-Based Method. Yu, Liangliang; Song, Hanwen Report 4994
Screw Remaining Life Prediction Based on Quantum Genetic Algorithm and Support Vector Machine. Zhang, Xiaochen; Jiang, Dongxiang Report 5389
SDRE Control Applied to the Wheel Speed of a Compressed Air Engine with Crank-Connecting-Rod Mechanism. Alves, Alexandre de Castro; Tusset, Angelo Marcelo; Balthazar, Jose Manoel; de Lima, Jeferson Jose; Report 9229
Seismic Collapse Analysis of RC Highway Bridges Based on a Simplified Multiscale FE Modeling Approach. Hu, Menghan; Han, Qiang; Du, Xiuli; Liang, Xiao Report 5869
Seismic Failure Probability of a Curved Bridge Based on Analytical and Neural Network Approaches. Karimi-Moridani, K.; Zarfam, P.; Ghafory-Ashtiany, M. Report 9812
Seismic Fragility Estimates of LRB Base Isolated Frames Using Performance-Based Design. Mansouri, Iman; Amiri, Gholamreza Ghodrati; Hu, Jong Wan; Khoshkalam, Mohammadreza; Soori, Sanaz; Sh Report 6566
Seismic Retrofit of Reinforced Concrete Frame Buildings with Hysteretic Bracing Systems: Design Procedure and Behaviour Factor. Cesare, Antonio Di; Ponzo, Felice Carlo Report 10981
Self-Loosening Failure Analysis of Bolt Joints under Vibration considering the Tightening Process. Chen, Yan; Gao, Qiang; Guan, Zhenqun Report 5310
Sensitivity Analysis of a CPAM Inverse Algorithm for Composite Laminates Characterization. Masoumi, Farshid; Ghalebahman, Ahmad Ghasemi Report 9847
Shake Table Study on the Effect of Mainshock-Aftershock Sequences on Structures with SFSI. Qin, Xiaoyang; Chouw, Nawawi Report 6567
Shaking Table Test of a RC Frame with EPSC Latticed Concrete Infill Wall. Tang, Baizan; Li, Xiaojun; Chen, Su; Xiong, Lihong Report 6240
Shaking Table Tests on Earthquake Response Characterization of a Complex Museum Isolated Structure in High Intensity Area. Liu, Wenguang; Qin, Chuan; Liu, Yang; He, Wenfu; Yang, Qiaorong Report 9362
Shaking-Table Tests for Immersed Tunnels at Different Sites. Cheng, Xinjun; Jing, Liping; Cui, Jie; Li, Yongqiang; Dong, Rui Report 5554
Ship Radiated Noise Recognition Using Resonance-Based Sparse Signal Decomposition. Yan, Jiaquan; Sun, Haixin; Cheng, En; Kuai, Xiaoyan; Zhang, Xiaoliang Report 4904
Shock Mechanism Analysis and Simulation of High-Power Hydraulic Shock Wave Simulator. Xu, Xiaoqiu; Tao, Han; Han, Junwei Report 6359
Simulation of Transient Nonlinear Friction-Induced Vibrations Using Complex Interface Modes: Application to the Prediction of Squeal Events. Sinou, J.-J.; Besset, S. Report 4776
Simulations and Experiments on the Vibrational Characteristics of Cylindrical Shell Resonator Actuated by Piezoelectric Electrodes with Different Thicknesses. Luo, Yiming; Qu, Tianliang; Zhang, Bin; Pan, Yao; Xiao, Pengbo Report 2996
Simultaneous Measurements of the Vehicle, Track, and Soil Vibrations at a Surface, Bridge, and Tunnel Railway Line. Auersch, Lutz Report 8099
Simultaneous Travel and Hoist Maneuver Input Shaping Control Using Frequency Modulation. Arabasi, Sameer; Masoud, Ziyad Report 4344
Sliding Mode Control with PD Sliding Surface for High-Speed Railway Pantograph-Catenary Contact Force under Strong Stochastic Wind Field. Song, Yang; Liu, Zhigang; Ouyang, Huajiang; Wang, Hongrui; Lu, Xiaobing Report 8395
Soil-Structure Interaction in Transversely Isotropic Layered Media Subjected to Incident Plane SH Waves. Ba, Zhenning; Gao, Xi Report 7715
Source Parameter Estimation Method for Assessment of Structural Resiliencies. Wang, Zijun; Zhao, Boming Report 3436
Static and Dynamic Strain Monitoring of Reinforced Concrete Components through Embedded Carbon Nanotube Cement-Based Sensors. D'Alessandro, Antonella; Ubertini, Filippo; Garcia-Macias, Enrique; Castro- Triguero, Rafael; Downey Report 4964
Structural Characteristics of Rotate Vector Reducer Free Vibration. Chen, Chuan; Yang, Yuhu Report 5974
Structural Improvements for Tall Buildings under Wind Loads: Comparative Study. Longarini, Nicola; Cabras, Luigi; Zucca, Marco; Chapain, Suvash; Aly, Aly Mousaad Report 12404
Study of the Similarities in Scale Models of a Single-Layer Spherical Lattice Shell Structure under the Effect of Internal Explosion. Wang, Wenbao; Gao, Xuanneng; Le, Lihui Report 6688
Study on Dynamic Response of Downhole Tools under Perforation Impact Load. Jun, Liu; Shide, Li; Qingyou, Liu; Xian, Liu; Xiaoqiang, Guo; Yufa, He Report 4895
Study on Galloping Oscillation of Iced Catenary System under Cross Winds. Chen, Guo; Yang, Yiren; Yang, Yang; Li, Peng Report 7099
Study on Impact Behavior and Impact Force of Bridge Pier Subjected to Vehicle Collision. Zhou, Deyuan; Li, Ruiwen; Wang, Juan; Guo, Changtuan Report 5645
Study on Progressive Collapse Behavior of SRC Column-Steel Beam Hybrid Frame Based on Pushdown Analysis. Chu, Liusheng; Li, Gaoju; Li, Danda; Zhao, Jun Report 6258
Study on the Correlation of Vibration Properties and Crack Index in the Health Assessment of Tunnel Lining. Wu, Xuezhen; Jiang, Yujing; Masaya, Kusaba; Taniguchi, Tetsuya; Yamato, Takahide Report 4719
Study on the Stiffness Correction Method of Novel Antivibration Bearing for Urban Rail Transit Viaduct. Xie, Weiping; Du, Youfu; Sun, Liangming; Marioni, Agostino; Liang, Xu Report 7761
Study on Ultrasonic Response to Mechanical Structure of Coal under Loading and Unloading Condition. Liu, Xiaofei; Wang, Xiaoran; Wang, Enyuan; Liu, Zhentang; Xu, Xiaoyang Report 6078
Study on Vibration Reduction Method for a Subway Station in Soft Ground. Ma, Xian-Feng; Feng, Ning-Ning; Wang, Guo-Bo; Fang, Xu Report 4373
Surrounding Rock Deformation Mechanism and Control Technology for Gob-Side Entry Retaining with Fully Mechanized Gangue Backfilling Mining: A Case Study. Gong, Peng; Ma, Zhanguo; Zhang, Ray Ruichong; Ni, Xiaoyan; Liu, Fei; Huang, Zhimin Report 8216
The Absolute Deviation Rank Diagnostic Approach to Gear Tooth Composite Fault. Wang, Guangbin; Deng, Wenhui; Du, Xiaoyang; Li, Xuejun Report 4699
The Coupled Effect of Loading Rate and Grain Size on Tensile Strength of Sandstones under Dynamic Disturbance. Yu, Miao; Wei, Chenhui; Niu, Leilei Report 6150
The Dispersion Rule of Fragments about the Asymmetric Shell. Ding, Liangliang; Li, Zhenduo; Liang, Minzu; Li, Xiangyu; Lu, Fangyun Report 4190

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