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Shipyards project for youngsters.

Byline: Darren Kelso Reporter @KelsoDarren

PUPILS inspired by the history of shipbuilding on their doorstep were inspired to make ships of their own to pay tribute to their community's heritage.

Year three pupils from Carville Primary School in Wallsend worked with the Laing Art Gallery to create models inspired by former shipyards. Their work was based on the "Last Ships" exhibition by photographer Chris Killip, which is currently on display at the gallery and which documents the huge ships and industrial cranes which once provided the backdrop to everyday life along the River Tyne.

They came gallery and about what means to researched could find their heritage FAMILY history EMMA Pupils paid a visit to the exhibition at the Laing before producing a huge collage based on the photographs.

And back in school, with help from gallery staff, the classmates explored more pictures of the Wallsend shipyards and skyline, and made model ships and cranes.

Teacher Allan Qualters said: "We are very close to the site of the former Swan Hunter shipyard here, and the cranes on the riverside are visible from the school.

The children are fascinated by the cranes so it has been fantastic to develop their understanding of our community's heritage and identity and explore the huge impact the shipbuilding industry, and its decline, has had.

"They have really enjoyed taking part in the project and have shown such curiosity and worked very well in teams.

"They display much more animation and excitement when talking about their surroundings, and can now recognise various features of the local area from their work."

to visit the thought heritage them, and how they out about and EMMA BEVERIDGE, from the Laing Art Gallery, visited the pupils during a special assembly, where she presented them with a heritage award from Historic England for their efforts.

"The children have done fantastically well," BEVERIDGE " she said. "They came to visit the gallery and thought about what heritage means to them, and researched how they could find out about their heritage and family history.

"We also researched the last ships and they created two pieces of artwork and 3D models of ships and cranes. It was a pleasure to be invited along to their celebration assembly and present them with a plaque which recognises Carville as a heritage school."

'"They came to visit the gallery and thought about what heritage means to them, and researched how they could find out about their heritage and family history. EMMA BEVERIDGE


| Pupils at Carville Primary School in Wallsend receive their award from Emma Beveridge of the Laing Art Gallery

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Publication:Sunday Sun (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jun 30, 2019
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