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Shipwreck booty.

Armed with a state Department of Transportation grant of $300,000, archaeologists in Delaware have resumed their underwater investigation of the sunken Severn, which sailed the mid-Atlantic in 1774. The ship is about 15 feet under, in a place where visibility can range from 6 inches to a foot. The wreck was discovered accidentally in late 2004 after a dredging project pumped artifact-laden sand away from the site onto the beach. Archaeologists have found more than 45,000 artifacts from the wreck so far--from Chinese porcelain to South African wine to wool blankets from Holland and mineral water bottles from Germany. This is the second major shipwreck to be excavated in Delaware. Historians say there are hundreds more awaiting discovery.
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Title Annotation:STATELINE; underwater investigation of the sunken ship Severn
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Date:Jan 1, 2007
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