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Shipshape on a shoestring. (Letters).

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Lison (Letters, Cruise Travel, December 2002) and others not born with a silver spoon: Please don't stop cruising; you are welcome at our table any time.

My wife and I don't have name-tag wardrobes either. My wife is second-hand, and lots of my wife's evening-wear is from the thrift store or homemade. You and I can sit in the sports bar and brag about our kids and grandkids while the stuffed shirts sit in the martini bar and brag about themselves.

After 24 cruises and 20 years in food service in the U.S. Navy, I feel that if a man has a coat and tie, he is going by the dress guidelines and is trying.

Mr. & Mrs. C.E. Frederick, Bremerton, WA

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Author:Frederick, C.E.
Publication:Cruise Travel
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:May 1, 2003
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