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ARRIVALS Today: Maingas, Immingham; Nordstraum, Kristiansand; Rix Hawk, Hull.

Yesterday: Happy Bride, Pembroke; Tejo Chemist, Hamburg; Douwent, Hartlepool; Cliffwater, Ghent; Balmung, Tees; Gaschem Isar, Wilhelmshaven; Wisdom, Sutton Bridge; Northumbrian Water, Sunderland.

SAILINGS Today: Cliffwater, Stenungsund; Tejo Chemist, Sodertalje; Gaschem Isar, Antwerp.

Yesterday: Douwent, Bremen; Norqueen, Europoort; Norstream, Zeebrugge; Fast Julia, Flushing; Aasnes, Purfleet; Trinity, Immingham; Wisdom, Duisburg; Cedar, Blyth; Christine Y, Amsterdam; Northumbrian Water, Sunderland; Coral Palmata, Rafnes; Crystal Topaz, Antwerp; Aachen, Bremen; Chem Aries, Rotterdam; Douwent, Tees; City of Rome, Tyne; Balmung, Hartlepool.

WHERE THE SHIPS ARE A&P Tees: Kommandor Jack, Alpine Lady.

Hartlepool Irvines: Balmung. North Tees: Rix Hawk. Phillips: Happy Bride. Redcar Ore: Cape Harrier. Simon Storage: Nordstraum, Maingas. Svitzer Tees: Lady Brenda, Svitzer Maltby. TERRC: Caloosahatchee, Canisteo, Canopus, Compass Island, Tuxedo Royale. Vopak: Alcedo, Ardea
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Title Annotation:Business
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Oct 16, 2007
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