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Shining examples of how to improve rundown public toilets.

I HAVEwritten several and varied letters to your paper over the years and I am pleased regarding your answers and help to my questions.

My last letter was about the state of the public toilets in the city - bus station and The Hayes (near the Old Library).

I had a shock when I used The Hayes facility after it had been given the once-over. It was indeed a pleasure to behold. S

I was waiting to see when the toilet in the Cardiff Central Market, which was in a really terrible state, would be altered and I did have a lovely surprise when I was in the city on Saturday and saw what had been done to it.

It was a lovely and heart-warming surprise: all new grey plastic tables, lovely new stainless fittings, new suitable wall tiles, new urinal trays and the toilets were a sight for sore eyes.

A truly outstanding alteration and my thanks to all who were responsible for this change.

I trust that my final request (the bus station toilets) will eventually give myself and many others of the populace the same pleasure.

Cliff James Taffs Well, Cardiff


The much-needed improvements to the Cardiff Central Market toilets are 'a sight for sore eyes', says correspondent Cliff James
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 6, 2010
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