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Shining a light on gestures.

Melexis ( has released a new active light sensor interface, the MLX75030, designed to make touch gesture commands more recognizable to automotive infotainment systems charged with carrying them out.

The sensor incorporates two ambient light measurement channels and two for managing reflection, which, Melexis notes, makes it ideal for human-machine interface systems where a variety of background lighting is possible, as in a moving car. It's designed to enable multi-channel, closerange optical sensing systems where touch screen swiping and zooming gestures are the commands.

The MLX75030 controls the system's LED current and measures the photodiode signal, which is translated into digital form by an integrated 16-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The MLX75030 is offered in a 4 mm x 4 mm, 24-pin surface mount package, or as a bare die. Melexis says the sensor supports operational temperature ranges of 40[degrees]C to 105[degrees]C.

The company also announced a new tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), which couples an analog pressure sensor with a low-power sensor interface. The MLX91802 system has a 16-bit reduced instruction set computing (RISC)-based microcontroller and is ready to use with Melexis firmware, according to the company. That gives the sensor an advantage because any TPMS incorporating it can be developed without any custom software engineering.

The TPMS is operational at temperatures ranging from -40[degrees]C to 125[degrees]C.

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Title Annotation:ON ELECTRONICS; Melexis has launched a new active light sensor interface
Comment:Shining a light on gestures.(ON ELECTRONICS)(Melexis has launched a new active light sensor interface)
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Date:Apr 1, 2013
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