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Shift in asset management choice.

As private and institutional owners alike face the enormous challenges of 1993, many are slowly discovering that real estate development firms with inhouse management, construction and leasing capabilities are better suited to the task of asset management than traditional promotional brokerage firms. That' s because the principle function of a promotional brokerage firm is to lease space, while property management and improvement is often an afterthought.

Experienced real estate developers with an in-house service capability know how to add value to a property and thereby improve its long-term profitability. By adding value to our own buildings, rather than simply waiting for inflation to increase profitability, our company has earned widespread recognition as an hands-on asset manager with a remarkable track record for achieving bottom line objectives.

While the rest of the market sank deeper in recent years, we purchased, renovated and leased 333 East 38th Street and 215 Park Avenue South. Both buildings now claim higher than average rental rates and have consistently increased occupancy -- 333 East 38th Street is 100 percent occupied and 215 Park Avenue South is closing in on that mark. And this was accomplished during the worst real estate market New York has ever experienced.

While owners are shifting their perspectives, so too are overseas investors. It seems like only yesterday that foreigners had but one interest when it came to New York commercial real estate -- trophy properties located on prestigious thoroughfares. Today, that focus has shifted dramatically and we are finding unprecedented interest from overseas joint venture equity partners for properties in our burgeoning sector of the commercial marketplace.

Why? Because if you know how to add value to an older building through in-house expertise that covers every aspect of the redevelopment process, you can dramatically revitalize the property as well as its bottom line.

There can be no argument that value-oriented management -- coordinating all aspects of a redevelopment project with an emphasis on detail and a hands-on approach, ie., inspecting each property everyday, monitoring operational performance and building progress and tenant capital improvements -- improves a property's long-term profitability.

As our roster of overseas joint venture partners expands in the 90's, our formula for success remains remarkably simple -- an emphasis on relationships guided by principals for principals will always yield the highest profit for ownership. Strategic and effective leasing programs, personalized management and creative capital improvements, combined with our relationship across the marketplace, will continue to give all our partners, overseas as well as domestic, a tremendous edge in the Manhattan real estate marketplace.
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Title Annotation:Mid-Year Review & Forecast, Section I; real estate development firms more effectively suited for asset management than promotional real estate brokerage firms for commercial space leasing
Author:Green, Stephen
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Article Type:Column
Date:Jun 23, 1993
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