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Shield Therapeutics' Feraccru succeeds in open-label extension phase of AEGIS-CKD study.

M2 PHARMA-January 31, 2019-Shield Therapeutics' Feraccru succeeds in open-label extension phase of AEGIS-CKD study


It was reported yesterday that UK-based Shield Therapeutics' oral ferric iron therapy Feraccru has succeeded in an open-label extension phase of the AEGIS-CKD study held in chronic kidney disease patients with iron deficiency anaemia.

The AEGIS-CKD study was a phase three randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial. Compared to placebo, the company's ferric iron therapy indicated superiority in changing haemoglobin levels from baseline after 16 weeks of treatment, twice a day in 30mg dosage. After the 16-week treatment, a 36-week open-label extension phase was taken up in which all patients treated with the company's lead candidate had their haemoglobin levels maintained. Patients changed to Feraccru treatment for the open-label phase indicated a similar mean rise in haemoglobin levels over their first 16 weeks to those initially put on the same therapy.

The company stated that the latest data supports its hypotheses that the company's ferric iron therapy is well absorbed on a consistent basis and that chronic treatment with it can sustain haemoglobin levels.

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Publication:M2 Pharma
Article Type:Clinical report
Date:Jan 31, 2019
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